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Host nations not behaving as expected

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I'm editing the Club World Cup and everything is behaving as expected except the host nation / stadium selection.

No matter what the host nation or possible host nation is set as in the editor, the host nations selected are always random. This would be fine, except sometimes the host nation is a single stadium, rather than 8 stadiums which you'd need to host a tournament this size.

Have tested up to 2030 and got the following results:

2021- Competition correctly held across Japan

2023- Competition held in Estadio La Cartuja de Seville, Spain

2025- Competition held in Celtic Park, Scotland

2027- Competition correctly held across Brazil

2029- Competition correctly held across France

2031- Will be South Korea, I expect this will work correctly

Screenshots below to demonstrate a functioning tournament in France and non-functioning one hosted in Scotland. 

Have tried every combination of host nation on/off, possible host nation on/off, setting a host nation stadium pool, setting host nation stadium capacity requirements, setting a 'stadium pool', setting 'stadium requirements' but none of these are working. Do you know whether the host nations for the Club World Cup are hardcoded in the game? Have also tried copying the format into a blank editor file which detaches the 'file' link and sometimes breaks those hardcoded overrides, but it hasn't helped here. 













UNION_2.1_PSF_X.fmf ClubWorldCup_Final.fmf

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Further to the above- I wanted to see whether this issue existed in the default database and sure enough, it does. The new structure only begins in 2025 but sim beyond that and you have entire competitions held in a single venue which isn't right.

Screenshots below are from a save gave with the latest 21.4.0 database loaded, no custom databases. 





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  • SI Staff

Hey @L55DS

I see you've selected nations but you've not put the years of them, just default '2000', have you tried changing this? 
I've fixed issues by changing the date to the year I want it before.



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1 hour ago, Luke Hume said:

Hey @L55DS

I see you've selected nations but you've not put the years of them, just default '2000', have you tried changing this? 
I've fixed issues by changing the date to the year I want it before.



Hi Luke, thanks for the reply. 

Yes, i have tried setting that to a specific year, left at the base year and tried with no year in that box at all, but it doesn't affect the outcome. 

Have tried this in both 'host nation' and 'Possible host nation'.

I'm thinking the issue must be hardcoded into the game as it affects the unchanged Club World Cup in the default 21.4.0 database too. 

It probably hasn't been picked up on by SI because it occurs quite a way into a game. By default, the tournament runs like so:

February 2021- Held in Qatar

December 2021- Held in japan, final year of 7 team format

June 2022- Held in China, first edition of expanded format. No confirmation of this in real life. 

June 2025- Always hosted in Japan (even if edited- the (2021+) format of the tournament always begins in Japan). 

June 2029 onwards- Random host selection begins- which is bugged. A single stadium is selected to host entire tournament in most years beyond this date. 


Essentially, the issue is with how the Club World Cup is hardcoded and all players will experience the issue if they play to 2029, so perhaps not even the correct section for this thread, although the ability to edit the competition is what I'm interested in. 

Given the format of the future Club World Cup is yet to be finalised, it would be great if these hardcoded elements could be removed so that the FM Editor community can react to any changes announced by FIFA on this, or speculate ourselves on the format in the meantime. As I've shown here, it is already possible to an extent, but the hardcoded rule which incorrectly sets hosts/stadiums for this competition can't be overridden, and there many be other things too that I haven't encountered. 

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  • 3 weeks later...

Just to follow up on this. The issue remains with the default, in-game Club World Cup, but there does seem to be one way around it:


By setting stadium requirements under stadiums pool, several stadiums are selected and the stadiums are played across the stadiums as they should be. My final point on this is the way the stadiums are chosen is pretty crazy- you'll get new stadiums built with the 'community stadium' or 'international arena' suffix despite there being plenty of other decent stadiums that could be picked, but it is what it is. 


Would still be great if the in-game Club World Cup is fixed, but it's not an editor issue, just an issue with the base game. 





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