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So the idea is that we create an overload on the the right side with a mezzala, a rwb, a supporting forward and possibly the amc also shifting towards that side ( i have the right centre-back on stay wide too but i know its hard to get them to push up) so we can create space for the lwb or the left striker to make a run. I mean what i want is just crowd one side so the other side opens up but im not sure how to set up the roles for that. Can someone suggest a way to make this work in a 5-3-2 ? 


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Personally, I'd switch the DLP to the right side, as he's a ball magnet and can help you hog the ball on that side. I'd also go for a more conservative BBM or CAR instead of MEZ, so you don't get too vulnerable at the back.

Maybe something like this:

AFat TMsu



WBsu                         WBat

BPDde CDco CDde

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2 hours ago, Fëanáro Míriel said:

Can someone suggest a way to make this work in a 5-3-2 ? 

Whatever you intend to do/achieve, you always need to make sure that:

- your tactical setup has good overall balance

- the tactic contains no contradiction or overkill

When it comes specifically to overloads, besides the tactic itself, your players should be technically and mentally capable of keeping the ball (possession) under pressure in relatively small areas of space. Otherwise, they may struggle to create an overload even if the tactic itself is well designed.

Now on your specific question... first, if I were to create any kind of overload, I would avoid roles such as TM and BPD, especially on the side where the overload is supposed to take place, because these roles encourage a more direct passing style (TM as a ball magnet and BPD as a role that plays risky passes whenever he sees fit). Secondly, when you want an overload, it would be logical to put a playmaker role on that particular side (rather than the opposite one).

Taking the above into account, here is my example:

AF     DLFsu


BWMsu   DLPsu

CWBsu                          CWBsu

CDde  CDde  CDde


Starting instructions:

Mentality - Balanced or Positive

In possession - PoD, focus right, overlap right, underlap left

Transitional and defensive TIs can vary depending on the team you manage, quality of opposition or a given situation on the pitch. 

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If you really wanted to force it to the right and force fast transitions to the STCL you could also try putting the left wingback on defend duty. To compensate for little width on the left, you'd then tell the striker to run wide with ball and also maybe try playing a mezzala on support in the MCL slot. The mezzala would be a bit more risky though.

In such a set up it wouldn't be surprising to see the STCR score a lot of goals particularly if he wasn't a target man.

Run wide with ball is very good in creating chances when playing with 2 strikers and no wingers because it drags the opposition wide to close down, creating space that is attacked by the other striker.

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