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Can a player still grow his attributes after reaching his maximum potential ability?

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I have a player named Eddie Salcedo, He is a great player working wonders for me at the age of only 21. But he sucks at finishing the chances and playing as a left winger in my team he gets a lot of them but does not finish them well.

Although i understand that he is just 21 and can grow more but i am interested in the fact that Eddie has already reached his maximum potential. His PA is 152 and his CA is 149.

From what i can see he barely has any growth left in him. But what i fail to understand is he still has an upward moving arrow in 4 of his attributes. Does this mean there is no ceiling on attribute growth and the players can grow as long as the factors are correct for them to grow.

Till now i only felt like every player has a ceiling which is his PA and they only grow up until that level. As well as the PA is calculated by some manner with the help of the attributes and giving them different weightages to reach that number. But if that is the case i don't see how Eddie can grow any further which he is.

And for those who are wondering why am i using this skin, it is because i usually use the default dark skin but i really was intrigued by his growth and wanted to be sure about how it is happening from my own end before reaching to the forums.


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Once a player reaches ( or is very close to his PA ) there is the possibility that certain attributes can still increase.  This would normally only be possible by reducing his attributes in other areas in order that his CA calculation and attribute spread are correct.

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