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I have posted about this earlier, in a different subforum. I have asked around a bit, and someone suggested the possibility that my game could be bugged, so I decided to post it in this subforum as well. 

Currently, the lack of players being found is not really a concern, although I do feel like it could be better. However, the root of this issue lies in the knowledge, I believe.

My scouts aren't gaining any knowledge whatsoever of the regions they are scouting in, and I can count myself lucky if they come back with more than a handful of players, after being active for years. They all have good adaptability (and JA/JP), but somehow they are just not building up any knowledge. 



For example, I have this Brazilian scout in South America (West). He's been at it for 3 years now. His only knowledge is that which he already had: 100% for Brazil. Absolutely nothing for any of the countries he is supposedly working in. In the post linked above he had minimal knowledge of 3 other countries (after working there for 2 years), so he even lost that little bit of knowledge. I could send him to East, but I figured with 20 adaptability he'd be fine and building up knowledge in no time. Unfortunately, he is just an example. Others have the same issue, but it is a bit harder to visualize because they have more 'own' knowledge, so it's hard to see what they actually learned. They DO have some red 1% bars for some of the countries in the region, so there is SOMETHING happening. But after 2-5 years of spending time in a region, surely you could expect more.

What could be the cause of this? I can imagine knowledge being lost after spending time somewhere else, but this guy has zero knowledge of where he is working. After 3 years. With decent stats, to put it lightly. Sure, his determination is 8, but would that mean that any scout with 8 determination would be completely useless in building knowledge somewhere? I can't imagine that being the case.

Other possibilities would be 1) not having active leagues (players are loaded tho, they are not greyed out + I'm pretty sure other players have knowledge without loading the leagues) or 2) having them scout invidividual players on my request (but I can't have scouts free to do that, it is randomly assigned when clicking 'keep scouting' as far as I am experiencing).

If this second option is true, we have an issue. As mentioned in the linked post, I have two scouts (more, but I just use these two as an example for convenience) who are assigned to the UK and Ureland (Congerton) and Scandinavia (Broughton). They are now on their way to Uruguay to scout a player, recommended by my scout who is working in Uruguay. That particular scout is now probably on his way to Latvia himself, as my local scout there found someone interesting too. 



If this way of 'targeted' scouting causes scouts to be (way, WAY) less efficient in their scouting assignments, there should be a way to assign a group of scouts to do this, or to just have the scouts who are actually already there to do it. If this is not the case, I have no idea what is going wrong here. 

I can upload screenshots or the save game if necessary.


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Still running into the same problem, even without individual players to be scouted. So I'm ruling that out as the cause.


This example: going for two years, scouting Scandinavia. No knowledge whatsoever. He is not the only one, just one of the few where it's very clear based on the knowledge he already had. Most other scouts don't get any knowledge, and a handful only get 1% from some countries in the region and then lose that 1% again.





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This has got to be a joke. I checked all my scouts again after the pre-season began, and they lost all knowledge again

He was finally building up knowledge in Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador. And boom. Everything is gone.


Same for him. Had some knowledge of Argentina and Paraguay and badabingbadaboom: nothing.



This one came in with 100% for Mexico. Had built up the US to 12%. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it's gone.




I'm going to need some answers here. Surely scouting 10 players individually should not lead to this. So what is it? It's like the progress is being reset everytime a new season starts. I'm getting sick of this. \



Another weird thing is this: Apparently I do have knowledge of the US, but none of my scouts or other staff have it. I have a link with Banik Ostrava and Excelsior Rotterdam. So it's not coming from them. It's also not in the list of nations.


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