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How to create a new cup competition?


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Hello there,

I am trying to make a brand new cup competition with the pre-game editor, but I have not been successful. 

I am hoping to make a Great British Cup, with sides from England, Scotland and Wales competing in it. Each attempt I have made has been unsuccessful. Even when I tested the database changes and it said it was fine. When I loaded up a new save using that database it said these nations were unavailable to be used. 

I would really appreciate any advice or support with this.

Thank you.

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Where did you create your cup? If you change something in one of the countries, that can create errors in the game (not in the editor, because the editor thinks all is fine).

A Great British cup could be done as a sort of continental cup. In that case you would have no issues.

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I've made a similar competition before here. You could edit the fmf file here to get the result you describe. 




.... I was going to give you a tutorial but realised I'm doing it anyway so easier to just share a new FMF file. If you're happy to include teams from Ireland and Northern ireland, this file below (Union Cup Edit) is ready to go! This just includes the Union Cup, which features teams from across the British Isles, but none of the other changes from the database above. 


If you want you can make changes to the 'Union Cup' teams list like so- then change the stage structure to match. the stage structure is pretty badly done (I was new to the editor when I did this) but works at the moment. Make sure your structure works in terms of when teams enter the competition, ect. You could simply delete the stage structure and team list and start again, that might be easiest. 




 I had also edited the FA Youth cup to use teams from across the British Isles too but if you don't want this, simply delete these teams from the teams list:



Union Cup Edit.fmf

Edited by L55DS
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