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Trying to recreate Antonio Conte's 5-2-3 at Chelsea.

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I always liked the 5-2-3 Conte played at Chelsea so wanted to give it another shot. I can't really figure out what to do with the wide players and the midfield duo. Apart from the mezz, roles seems fine to me but can't get anything out of my wingers rn. I wanted my right winger to act like Hazard thats why he is a trequartista and expected the goals to be shared between the left winger and the forward. But we can't really create anything because the wingers are nowhere to be seen. So what would you guys suggest here ?


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Roles look okay to me, apart from I'd probably change the MEZ in to a DLPs or CMs for the Matic role. Also IIRC both wingbacks would've been attacking while Luiz in the middle of the back 3 was the ball playing defender. Azpilacueta at RCB also moved forward quite a lot but that would be hard to replicate so it's not so important.

I think you've got Costa's role right, but I'm not sure if Ings has the physicality to play that role. Same with your Treq, Hazard was a world class player and which was partly why he was so effective with the freedom he was given. Maybe your Treq is good, I just haven't heard of him.

Lastly Conte would've used two tactics, and I think you've chosen the average between them. A 343 where they pressed more aggresively and left players up for the counter, and a 541 where they regrouped more for when they were winning or against strong sides.


Just tried my interpretation out with Villa, seeing as their front 3 have similar qualities to that Chelsea front 3. I haven't watched enough of Chelsea to know which in possession instructions to put, but I think that getting the roles and defensive instructions correct are 90% of the task most of the time anyway. I used an attacking tactic from the start, and a more defensive one for when we went two goals up to see the game out.




Grealish ended up being the start player, with Watkins also having a good rating despite not getting on the scoresheet, suggesting good hold up play.

I have mixed feelings towards the defensive tactic, as restricted them to lots of poor opeertunities while still threatening on the counter, as you can see on the XG map. But I was hoping for fewer highlights and better control of the game at the end.

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Antonio Conte's 3 CB systems contain wide "CB"s which play like a hybrid of full back & defensive midfielder in possession, similar to Thomas Tuchel's Chelsea. But these hybrid movements are hard to replicate perfectly. Those hybrid defenders provide wide cover when wing backs push forward and they push to midfield strata when it is necessary. "BPD"s on wide CB can help with certain PPMs like "bring ball out of defence" or something like "plays way out of trouble" and etc. But I don't think off the ball movements of those players can be replicated perfectly.

I don't truly remember Conte's Chelsea that's why I can not suggest any team instructions.

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