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Composure for Goalkeepers

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How highly do you rate it?

I got a young keeper called Tom Moody in my u23s who is coming along very nicely in most of his goalkeeping  technical attributes and has a nice 14 for positioning (i think positioning is more important than quite a lot of the technical attributes) but the lad has 6 composure along with the same give or take one for decisions, concentration and anticipation.

Obviously at this stage I have a lot of freedom to direct his development. I could keep ignoring the composure and continue to beef up his technicals and agility. If I do that, I can see most of them getting up into the 14s and 15s and some higher, but the bloke will end up technically gifted to Championship/Decent Prem level with the mental capacity of a Vanarama National South man.

On the other hand if I put on individual focus Composure he may only get to Champ level at best but at least he won't be a wet noodle.

Hence the question. How highly do you rate it, should its improvement be prioritised in this situation over more orthodox goalkeeping attributes, and what purpose do you think it serves goalkeepers?

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2 hours ago, Britrock said:

6 composure on it's own I could deal with, but if he's got 6 for composure, decisions, concentration and anticipation then he's never going to amount to much.

I have to agree with this, I wouldn't put too much hope into him with those attributes. 

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17 minutes ago, Domus Clamantium said:

What purpose does composure serve for a goalkeeper?

I am guessing that it would the ability to make calm and rational decisions on when to rush out/stay back, when to punch or catch and not to panic when put under pressure.

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Have a look at Zealand's FM channel, he is an American who is obsessed with FM.

He has done a video with experiments to find the most useful attributes for a GK and they are not what you might think or what the game tells you they are.

Spoiler- Tendency to punch came REALLY high! 


Check it out, it might help shape your view on what you need

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