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International duty november 2022

New record with many new faces from Class 2022.


Not his first U21 cap but never changed his face, now i did.


58fb320edb6d579944128cb30ef6b309.png 77911be9f1f38ee415b572f2728a770c.png 19d828136dfe22abdf963851e49e02e9.png

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6dfa402f63d6f7397a46863f266b5ee6.png 78a5f1d2d528dd71642fc7b16490014c.png e74243ef0d9152eba008de40351ae759.png


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Top Posters In This Topic

On 05/05/2021 at 17:02, OlivierL said:

Late transfer


Chelsea product, played a few championship games for Blackburn last year and finally he wants to talk and join. He'll be my backup DC and now i have five options.

I know @Jimbokav1971 was a fan :)

I am indeed a fan because he came through the Academy at Barnet after leaving Chelsea.

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Gibraltar National League - Player Development - Season 3

We are almost their ! from 1 to 12 in 2 seasons.

On 24/04/2021 at 19:20, OlivierL said:

Gibraltar National League - player development - Season 1

In three/four seasons i want to be the number 1.


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Gibraltar only situation

The pool with GIB players is very short . Sometimes a good Spanish or English player that plays 730 days in Gibraltar can get GIB as second nationality. Most of the Spanish lads aren't doing that , realistic. But two Foreign players did :

Lee is a Sheff Wed youth product, starting his third season and has GIB as second nationality.. i'm following him.

Rosa is playing for Europa FC , his fourth season and he is eligible for Gibraltar


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Gibraltar that scores is special.. if your hotest prospect scores it is very special :) 

On 06/05/2021 at 19:11, OlivierL said:

Player Development - Dylan Borge YT

Dylan Borge YT is one of the biggest talents in Gibraltar. Already a regular player at GIB for two years and at St Joseph's since January 2021 . 
In the past he played at Europa FC and Lincoln.

He played 44 senior games, scored 17 goals. 


His attributes in January 2021 and in October 2022. 

So after almost 1.5 year at our development centre he improved most at technical and mental part.  No change in Personality or Determination.

Now he is on individual training ' Ball control' so he should or could develop more at 'First Touch ' ' Dribbling ' and 'Technique' .

At the moment he isn't playing everything , Juanfri plays the most important games but this could change in the very near future.

He improved 3.5 / 100 on the 'Technical - 4.29 / 100 on 'Mental' and 3.75 on the 'Physical' part. He improved his best role 'Advanced forward' from 51.25 to 56.88 .

I'm happy with his development and i hope that i can improve attributes like Dribbling ,passing and Decisions. His pace should improve also.


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Facilities update  - Season 3

I requested to update this and after three attemps they accepted but for a lot of money. it was Adequate .



Youth Recruitment and Academy coaching was easy to update till now. I'm very happy with how fast we are improving but i don't expect any miracles.. if we get one good youngster every year it would be really good for a Gib team.

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