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Can't believe how fast we are growing !


I'll update our staff changes in the pre-season update but we are signing some very good staff for Gibraltar. I changed my HOYD in may and i found a much better one after turning Pro . Not sure if i'll confirm, what would you do ?

Keep this one, with good determination and personality

Or sign this one (he'll sign if i offer him the DoF job (i don't really need one but it is ok).

Great Working with YT , Judiging PA and CA . His determination is lower and his personality isn't that great. He also lacks knowledge of GIB.. but he seems much better .

In doubt.. 

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good additions to the staff. 

Great first season, and your spending the money well i think

also good improvements to the recruitment etc

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How i pick my first eleven after a lot of changes.



Of course I respect the assistant manager's squad report and look at the PA and CA . but i look at these calculations as my first guide to select my starting eleven, squad players, decide who can stay and who cannot and also who I will sign from the youth intakes and possibly retrain.

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Posted (edited)


Pre-season - Season 2 - 2021/2022

A very short pre-season with once a again a miracle by beating Cluj at home.


First Eleven
Best Eleven at the moment with Anthony Hernandez sneaking into the first team .

Transfers in


Signed four at the end of last season for a 'small' fee. Three regens and one upcoming Gibraltarian player.

De Barr is an hot prospect for the AMC or SC spot. Already played 25 times for Gibraltar at the age of 21.

Sanders is a promising DC . 

Holt is already a good AMC and he is very close to be included in the first team. 35K is a bargain , in Gibraltar is it a big transfer. 

Catherall is a promising forward for a matching record breaking fee of 45K

Hernandez is the brother from our Andrew Hernandez. He is a good amc with 30 caps.

Labra scored 10 goals for the Lions last season and is our third choice striker.

Britto is our second choice DCL or DL . only 20 and already capped 13 times.

Banda is our second choice GK. Couldn't find a better one at the moment.

Olivero is our second choice IFL or DL . He played every league game for Europa FC last season.

Bossano-Anes , Galliano and Serra are transfers for the U23 team.

Couldn't sign Liam Walker (he signed for Al-Wehda ) . I have 9 or 10 senior/youth internationals on trial  . Maybe one or two will join for free.

Transfers out

Loaned some senior players to teams of our league . 

Staff changes

Signed Puigdollers as Dof (don't need one but i'm using him as a hoyd). Signed a very good coach in Huth, he is my shadow assistent manager.

Manager thoughts

I was able to fill in some gaps and I was able to replace some older players in the squad. In total, I now have 13 homegrown players in a squadof 24 . I can buy away the better players quite easily but not all of them... One day I will have to rely fully on youth players from myself or other teams. 

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We are out of the champions league qualifiers ..


Lets try to invest this money asap :

This is our first major (money wise) upgrade.

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De Bar and Olivero are amazing signs.Also Juanfri is a luxury for this league.

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2 hours ago, Hootieleece said:

Deficit Spending! watch out or your board might sell a player over your objections....


Yes that could be the case , let's hope they'll wait :)

25 minutes ago, Sheriff7 said:

De Bar and Olivero are amazing signs.Also Juanfri is a luxury for this league.

They are idd ! Juanfri Boro Nano they keep producing at the moment.


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International duty Augustus 2021

Meet the national teams from St Joseph's.. i mean Gibraltar !

The three regens that i signed are included in the U21 squad.

5f5b1959ecb137f3e866e2cdc7d098e6.png bb83a3546f9db0e800e4dc7a03b1dbf5.png 2d1f2c9a3d0f38c053681161c5262f69.png

Two members from Class of 21 are called up for U19 .

6af80c2f87da8a043ad2eada941e02cf.png 72d0670bd688ab4a570fdce28424efac.png

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Posted (edited)

Road to Europa - Season 2

We started in the Champions league and did it again.. we won against a much bigger team ' Cluj' after a 3 0 win at the Rock. Tiraspol from Moldova was too strong so we had to play Lech Pozan in the Europa League. We had no chance so we entered the last QF round in the Europa Conference league against Zalgiris from Lithuania . We won so we are going to play group stage again, this time it is Europa Conference league ! 


Apoel , Hajduk and Legia are bigger than any team from Gibraltar so this won't be easy to gain a lot of points. 


And is was able to extend our Junior Coaching for the third time since taking over.

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Team Europe and Team GIB

After qualifying for Europa i have at least 27 games this season (20 in Gibraltar League, 1 in the rock Cup and 6 in Europe).

Some of my best players are getting old so i'm going to use two different line ups. 

One for Europe :

With a lot of player + 30 and with all my best players. Central defenders aren't very tall but they are the only two with a lot of pace and i think we'll need that in our ECL group.

10 different players, only our GK Robba will play everything in the league and Europe.  Now i have some younger players and i can use some of the older one as a sub if we aren't getting results.


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Posted (edited)

Sometimes i'll give some gametime to my first eleven for Europa, in GIbraltar league..


Juanfri loves this idea ! 

Rotating isn't helping at the minute... second big injury to a very important player.. Mr Europe Bora is out :(


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International duty - September 2021

One new face from our own academy :

Always eager to know how a 'Mercenary' will develop.

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National team production - Season 2

Small increase from 1 to 2.

On 23/04/2021 at 23:45, OlivierL said:

National team production - Season 1

According to this article we only produces Andrew Hernandez . Our Penalty hero against Plzen !

I hope to change this in 5 to 10 years.




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Posted (edited)

International duty november 2021

Again two new faces in the U18 (not U19) from Gibraltar.  Osborne 21 and Howe 21 make their debut(s).

dcccbba6615eaa55a87ec478a78344bc.png c92b435747dafe370aac2ab800845d34.png

Senior squad Gibraltar

With many players from our club , and four players without a club.

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Europa Conference League - Season 2


With one game to go we need to match the result from Legia against Apoel. We play at the Rock against Hajduk Split.

0-2 at half-time , we couldn't create anything tonight. Legia Apoel was 2-2 at half-time so we were out..

Juanfri scored 1-2 in the 47th minute and then i saw this:


64th minute we get a red card . A.Hernandez is sent off (second yellow) and Apoel scored the 2-4.




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Posted (edited)

Youth intake preview - Season 2 



Mediocre.. not good news ?

A young striker from Leioa . That is a suprise. Leioa is located in Basque country , the other side of Spain and +1000 KM away.



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Posted (edited)

Development update - Class of 2021

March 2021:

a48d9e087c7c1e0823eeec2ccfb4a1b5.pngDecember 2021 ( 8 months later):684db814f8a1a5b4bcd9db636fef49dc.png

DNA average: increased 0.31

Technical average: increased 0.20

Mental average: increased 0.31

Physical average: increased 1.25

Total average: increased 0.58

I'm sure this won't be the best class. at other (bigger) teams like Paris FC or even at Caley Braves in Scotland, the youth attributes increased much quicker.

Howe 21 had the best development with an increase of 2.76 . From 34.1 to 36.8.  He is a Fairly Pro with determination 11(was 12).



Four players had a Determination drop , only one had an increase .. the one with low determination as personality. i have to take a look to the mentor groups.

Dunstan 21 is mentored by Balanced veteran Mouelhi . He only has '6' on determination but at least his influence is 'light' on some of the players.

Conclusion :  i need some senior players with high influence and good personality to mentor some of the kids.. won't be easy to do this in GIB.

@_Ben_ i'll try to update more like above, i know you like it :) 

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Diamantakos who scored against you twice is playing for APOEL?We had him here to Olympiakos some years ago.

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Transfers - Winter - Season 2


Chino : needed a backup goalkeeper . He has a very good personality and determination so i'll use him as a mentor for the younger kids.  He is also a good GK coach in the near future :


Mentor our two good umnambitious kids please !

Stephens : Regen from Larne (N.Ireland) with GIB nationality. He is playing for U21 GIB and i signed him for 41K.

Failed transfers:

Liam Walker was available again to sign on free (end of contract in six months) but his team extended his contract . i Could have signed him for 5.5k wage / month. a record wage for us.

Yahaya becamse GIB international and i'm a fan but can't sign him.. he doesn't want to talk with us.


This makes this save challenging. I can buy the better GIB players but not the three best (above and a DC who went to portugal). That makes it still quite realistic. I have to keep improving my own academy and try to steal the rare regens from other youth intakes before they go to better clubs.
I can also buy a rain from a club outside Gibraltar for the first time now, that's probably thanks to my reputation.

I keep calling this a Bilbao challenge but in little Gibraltar.... Also with Athletic you can buy almost anyone with Basqua nationality, but not all the older good players from Real Sociedad or Basque players playing abroad.



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7 minutes ago, Sheriff7 said:

Walker is the most talented-technical Gibraltarian ever (in my opinion of course) you should sign him before his retirement.

Yes I agree. I will keep on trying for sure :)

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15 hours ago, Sheriff7 said:

Diamantakos who scored against you twice is playing for APOEL?We had him here to Olympiakos some years ago.

No he plays for Hajduk . last game was against them.


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Youth Intake - Season 2 - Class of 2022


A top prospect in the centre of midifld and two good forwards.. lets hope the intakes grow year after year .

Two or three good players and the general CA is higher . Two players score + 40 - attributes. 

Average determination = 9.06 . Class of 21 was 10.1 . 

Average total attributes = 34,7 . Class of 21 was 33,5 . Average Technique and mental attributes is higher, average DNA and physique attributes lower.



Best of class 2022 

30b680a0e45990095a3366fb8fbe73f1.png cd9d77ab6633a639d9be796a83188c72.png ae3471abb3f7fe31551c7310b9c9436e.png
Furlong is a Mercenary DL with some good defensive attributes. Carruthers is a MC with some average attributes and Lake is a pro playmaker , he could be something.

Basque and Egypt make their introduction.


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Potential bug ?

I have a U19 squad since turning PRO. I can sign staff and i see the squad in development screen but i can't control the responsibilities , can't pick the tactic, training.. i checked it at the other clubs and Europa FC and Lincoln U19 can be controlled.. a bug or something with reputation or youth facilities?





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1 hour ago, OlivierL said:

Potential bug ?

I have a U19 squad since turning PRO. I can sign staff and i see the squad in development screen but i can't control the responsibilities , can't pick the tactic, training.. i checked it at the other clubs and Europa FC and Lincoln U19 can be controlled.. a bug or something with reputation or youth facilities?





Found a workaround, everything is visible now after selecting a player's individual training in a squad/training overview.. 

Afterwards i did the same by changing something in the training calander. Now i get the U19 general and individual on the staff resp. list.


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New tag - Academy graduates accolades.

I'll give all the youth players that i steal/buy/poach from other teams under 17 years old a 'YT' tag. Those players will count for my Academy graduates accolades.



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Review - Season 2 - 2021/2022


League Fixtures | Play-off Fixtures League Player Stats | Best Eleven| Accolades | Finances | Transfers | Loaned playersYouth intake |

Gibraltar National League

We won the league again but failed to to it with 60 / 60 , a late equaliser from Europa FC took my record away.

Gibraltar Rock Cup

Europa FC scored again in injury time.. i played with 10(because of an injury) for 20 minutes.. we lost after penalties. we didn't win the Rock Cup yet..

Pepe Reyes Cup





We qualified for a group stage again, this time it was Europa Conference league. We finished 2nd but Maccabi was too big for us.


Intermediate League (U23)

We won it for the first time, i'm sure it won't be the last one.



Key players

Juanfri Our best player and striker with 36 goals in only 31 games. I'm rotating him with Borge

Nano 37 years old but he is still a beast for Gibraltar. He wanted to leave for a big transfer to Qatar but he stayed . Two more years.. will he make it ?

Barnett Our new central defender (last season he played as fullback) had a great season.

Academy Accolades



Facilities (changes)


First time we'll improve this.


Two upgrades in one season

Manager's thoughts

Very satisfied with this season. Almost perfect in the league. Reaching the group stage in Europe again brought me about five million, which is very welcome for further expanding the club.
It's still quite realistic that I can't convince the best three players from Gibrilatar to come and play for us, and I also risk losing some good staff members because of our low reputation.  Next year, I would like to expand the staff and finally win the cup.  I can keep all the players and I should be able to bring in two new talents.



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7 hours ago, Hootieleece said:

All that success in Europe and that sweet Champion's League money makes it easy to grow fast......I just hope the save doesn't become stale for you.


I understand what you are saying.I had the following goals



*Win everything year after year in Gibraltar and become the most successful team in the three national competitions. (Lincoln won the league 22 times.. we won it 1 time).

*Build a very small nation by growing their nation, clubs and league reputation.

*Reach the group stage from the Europa league and Champions league.

*Build our own and new stadium.

*Qualify for a EC or WC with Gibraltar.


At the moment the only thing i achieved is getting into group stage Europa League. Getting in the Cl group stage will be very difficult. In Gibraltar,  I need 20 more league titles to jump over Lincoln and become the biggest club in Gibraltar in every national competition. So this could be boring but i have to win it every year .

The League reputation is growing , my own club reputation is growing but the other clubs aren't growing at the moment (i hope they do some good transfers with the money i pay for their regens). And the nation reputation isn't growing.

No news on a new stadium, maybe in a few seasons . Taking over at the national team Gibraltar is also nothing that i'll do before 2030/2032 . 

I hope that the combination of good senior players retiring and Gibraltar's limited number of available good regens(own youth or the rare ones I can buy away) will also be an extra challenge. The level can only rise if I (and other clubs from gibraltar) continue to upgrade their reputation and youth facilities.



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Pre-season - Season 3 - 2022/2023

Short pre-season but our European campagin is ongoing. we beated Saburtalo Tbilisi from Georgia . Now we have a very difficult game against Dinamo.

First Eleven
This is my first eleven for Europe and important games.. at the moment Hernandez replaced Borghi at IFL and Youngster Holt (see below) is our first regen getting into the first team.

This is our first eleven for other games in Gibraltar. 



Transfers in


Signed three regens from other clubs. they have good determination and one of them is getting into the squad.

Green is a young DMC with some potential. 

El Fassi was playing for Europa FC in the competition as MC and he is very close to our senior squad.

Rose will be our 4th DC option this season . He is Fairly Pro and very strong.

Couldn't sign Liam Walker on loan . His club accepted the offer but he rejected to talk.
Transfers out

Loaned some senior players to teams of our league .  We had our biggest transfer out for 25.5k.

Two players Retired. Our Central defender from Argentina Villar will be missed.

Staff changes

Puigdollers acted as Hoyd and DoF but he didn't want to sign a new contract. We also lost a very good coach Lindsey

P.eter Johnson is our new chief scout. Adler a very good new coach. Chota our new Hoyd( Fairly Pro and high det.) after losing Puigdollers and sacking Javi Catalan.  Couldn't replace our current assistent manager Bezares.. he isn't good but he is also a director :(  Formar star Vicente is a new scout.  Also Cabeye signed as coach.

Manager thoughts

I'm happy to have two young players coming through and even one as a starter. In terms of staff, I lost an important one but still managed to keep or get a lot of youth staff with good personalities. Now I'm trying to get into at least the Europa Conference league group stage.

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Road to Europa - Season 

We started in the Champions league QF'ers. Saburtalo wasn't that good but Dinamo was out of our league.  Now we had to play two play-off to reach Europa league Group stage like in the first season. Flora Tallin from Estland wasn't good so we had for sure Europa Conference group stage OR Europa league group stage if we would beat... Apoel (we know them from season 2 in ECL.. ).

We deserved it and we are once again playing Europa League ! 


Third place would be great and unexpected.


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Late transfer


Chelsea product, played a few championship games for Blackburn last year and finally he wants to talk and join. He'll be my backup DC and now i have five options.

I know @Jimbokav1971 was a fan :)

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Gibraltar first win since 2020


8 out of 11 are playing for us. Walker , Yahaya and Lopes are not. this are three of the best player but won't join(yet).

I'm suprised that Pons is in the first eleven, he is in my U23 because i have to many players for the DL and IFL spot.  I won't sell him because my best DL (Nano) is 37 years old..

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Player Development - Dylan Borge YT

Dylan Borge YT is one of the biggest talents in Gibraltar. Already a regular player at GIB for two years and at St Joseph's since January 2021 . 
In the past he played at Europa FC and Lincoln.

He played 44 senior games, scored 17 goals. 


His attributes in January 2021 and in October 2022. 

So after almost 1.5 year at our development centre he improved most at technical and mental part.  No change in Personality or Determination.

Now he is on individual training ' Ball control' so he should or could develop more at 'First Touch ' ' Dribbling ' and 'Technique' .

At the moment he isn't playing everything , Juanfri plays the most important games but this could change in the very near future.

He improved 3.5 / 100 on the 'Technical - 4.29 / 100 on 'Mental' and 3.75 on the 'Physical' part. He improved his best role 'Advanced forward' from 51.25 to 56.88 .

I'm happy with his development and i hope that i can improve attributes like Dribbling ,passing and Decisions. His pace should improve also.

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