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[FM21] New kids from the rock!


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St Joseph's Football Club - Gibraltar-  National League - Intro

Database | Manager | Club info | Club vision | Facilities | Finances | Squad | Squad Calc.




The combination of signing Academy graduates or players with Gibraltarian nationality only and building a small nation seemed to me a worthwhile final attempt on FM21. So I will mostly use players from my own youth academy. There is a big chance that I will be buying players from other teams born in Gibraltar, at a later date. This to increase our chances to pick up a rare Gibraltar superstar.. You could call this a Basque Gibraltarian only save.

This is my second attempt in Gibraltar. The first one with Manchester 62 failed because of brexit and registration rules. This forced all the other teams to play without their best players. We also had to deal with a prize money bug. This is fixed now (i'm using a 'no brexit' file). After months playing the youth only challenge,  i let my kids decide who i should pick next and they loved the location and logo :) .

Why Gibraltar and St Joseph's F.C. ?


St Joseph's is the oldest club but only won the league once in 1996. They are the fourth team in Gibraltar at the moment and have some quality (old) Spanish players.

I like the fact that this is a small 'fast' league, the nice story with the rock of Gibraltar, the link with England & Spain, building a small nation and St Joseph F.C. being the oldest (Pioneer) club of Gibraltar , is also special. I'm also in love with their kit.

All credits to @Jimbokav1971 for his great topic (Conquered Gibraltar with Lincoln) and all the commitment from @cel1234, to update the database . I'm using his latest datbase so this will be much harder. Also Boca are no longer involved in Gibraltar national league. Cel1234 made the Intermediate (2th tier with u23 teams) available from the start. The story with Lynx from @mattyjames_ was also an inspiration !

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  History Gibraltarian Football

Our stadium located next to the airport.

Gibraltar, a British Overseas Territory located on the South of the Iberian Peninsula, is rarely spoken about in the footballing world. With a population of 34,000 contained within 6.7km2, you might not have expected the Rock to have a formal competitive football league.

But with the qualifying stages of the Champions League and Europa League becoming home to many Gibraltarian clubs, and also with plenty of exciting young players representing Gibraltar, it might time we paid more attention to football in Gibraltar.

The Gibraltar Football Association (GFA) was started in 1895 as football began to popularise across the globe during the 19th Century. In 1907, the GFA started the Gibraltar Football League, with the only competition existing before that being the Merchant’s Cup. The league began with eight teams, later expanding to two divisions.

Gibraltarian football can provide some of the most exciting football in the lower leagues of Europe, and it’s important to highlight why fans find football exciting in the first place.Whether you know any professional or semi-professional footballers, sometimes it’s hard to separate the player and the person. As we are spectators to players, it’s good to remind us that some players are just as human as we are.

This is what the football in Gibraltar shows, in particular in their journeys through European qualifying. Players among a population of around 34,000 are trying to shine, and sometimes succeeding. It’s what is most exciting and reminds us of why we all started enjoying football in the first place.


Format & Competitions

There are currently three domestic senior men’s tournaments in Gibraltar. Since being reformed at the start of the 2019/20 season, there has only been one senior tier in Gibraltar, known as The Gibraltar National League.

Although the reforming of the league came at the unfortunate expense of dissolving a number of clubs, it now makes sense that all football Gibraltar is united in one league. 11 teams competed in the 2020/21 season, with each team facing each other once before the league splitting in half.


The top half, the Championship Group, compete for the title and a place in the qualifying stages of the Champions League or Europa League, with each of them playing each other twice. The bottom half, the Challenge Group, compete for the Challenge trophy which gives them a bye into the next round of the Rock Cup.

The Rock Cup is Gibraltar’s domestic cup, similar to many other association cup knock-out competitions but with only four rounds.

The final tournament is the Pepe Reyes Cup, contested between the winner of the National League and the Rock Cup.

Gibraltar also run a league for the reserve teams (Intermediate league) of all the sides in the National League. There is also a Women’s league and cup, from which teams can qualify for the Women’s Champions League.



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St Joseph's Football Club Facts


Formed in 1912, St Joseph's are Gibraltar's oldest still existing football club, with the next oldest, Manchester 62, formed 50 years later. They have consistently competed in the Gibraltar National League in that time, however, they have only won the title once; in the 1995–96 season. They have seen considerably better fortunes in the Rock Cup, however, with 9 titles in their history, including a league and cup double in 1996. Their last Rock Cup triumph came in 2013. St Joseph's nickname is ' The Saints'.

Gibraltar National League, Champions: 1996

Rock Cup , Winners: 1979 - 1983 - 1984 - 1985 - 1987 - 1992 - 1996 - 2012 - 2013

Pepe Reyes Cup: 2012

Europe: 9 games in Europa league qualifiers between 2017 and 2020 . Highest: First qualifying round.



Victoria Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Gibraltar. It is currently used mostly for football matches, but also hosts the annual Gibraltar Music Festival. It is located close to Gibraltar Airport just off Winston Churchill Avenue. It was named after the wife of Gibraltarian philanthropist John Mackintosh.

Despite initial plans to replace the stadium in the 2010s, the Gibraltar Football Association purchased the stadium from the Government of Gibraltar in April 2017 in order to improve and renovate it. The plans to build a new stadium are still ongoing.


In April 2017, the Gibraltar Football Association announced its purchase of the stadium in order to redevelop it into a UEFA Category 4 stadium at a cost of £16.5 million given to the GFA by UEFA and FIFA. The proposed new stadium sites at Lathbury and Europa Point would be developed into multi-sports facilities by the Government of Gibraltar. The GFA announced it would invest £15 million into the stadium after purchasing it owing to grants from UEFA and FIFA. As a result of the GFA's purchase of Victoria Stadium, UEFA dropped their objections to the stadium providing works to expand the stadium to 8,000 capacity were complete by 2018 then they would be permitted to use the stadium for their home games in UEFA sanctioned international competition matches. This upgrade is not included in the game.


Victoria Stadium - 2226(2226seats) | Basic Training | Poor Youth facilities | Fairly Basic Academy coaching |Basic Youth recruitment

Key Players

bcddbc5f6a6a57063577e924962ce2aa.png 8bd0555a7b2498d6f9ad2f85a8dfde30.png

 4511d943419acb0d95e2eb29e9e64dcd.png 2868b590a7d05891b980cf28ce43f2ff.png

We have some quailty Spanish players and a few Gibraltarian internationals. Juanfri will be our main striker. Nano our veteral left back . Boro will play at the wing and Ezequiel our main MC. Most of the good (Spanish) players are old, so we need to win something in the first seasons and survive in a few European qualifying rounds. This will gain us money to improve the youth academy.

Save Rules

*Rules: Academy graduates - Players with first of second nationality Gibraltar or re-signing former academy players with other nationalities.

Save Objectives



I'll be updating a few times during the season and do some detailed development / youth intake posts in combination with the rise (or downfall ) from my team,  Gibraltar and the Gibraltarian teams.

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Gibraltarian football clubs - 20/21


I want to show you the value, facilities , ranking, internationals from every playable team in Gibraltar. I'll update this after a few seasons.

Europa FC and Lincoln are the biggest clubs but Mons Calpe is the third Pro club with a very low Club value and season ticket holders. Lincoln have the best facilities and most senior internationals. College ' 75 seem to have a lot of young internatiols, they look like an academy club. St Joseph's seem to be the number 3/4 of Gilbralter.. lets change this !

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Pre-season - Season 1 - 2020/2021


Best Eleven


Best eleven after my first pre-season. Many Spanish (old) players and three guys from Gibraltar af the moment.

Press & high tempo 4-3-3 that i'm using with every team at FM21.


No new transfers yet, i have a few free players from Gibraltar on trial so this could change. Don't need a lot of player at the moment, the squad looks good for Gibraltar National League.

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Homegrown rules in the National league

I wasn't aware of this rule.. for the future this won't be a problem but for now.. i'll have to leave a lot of space on the bench.


It wasn't my plan to play them but i'll have to change a few or leave two or three spaces on my bench.


Even if i leave three spaces and get a green bar.. i can't continue. I have to change my first eleven now , this will costs us points.

Using my subs will also be an adventure this season :


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Transfers season 1

I'll try to add them in the pre-season post in next season(s) updates but i had a lot of players on trial.


I signed three players (free) for the bench because i needed more homegrown players :

Bardon - Fortuna - Catania  : Bardon could feature in the first team.

I signed three young players for the U23 team (they play in the second division):

Celecia - Banda - Wellstead 

I had some young players on trial and one of them was Dylan Borge. He plays for Europe FC and featured for the U21 Gibraltar . I didn't try to sign him when he was on trial but i tried it on deadline day. He is my first good transfers with a lot of potential.




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Europa League Qualifying rounds- Season 1

My original plan was to update during the winter break and at the end of the season but something special is happening.

We started in the Preliminary round against NSi from Faroe Island. If we survived that we would gain 220k and that was my goal. After that game we had to play against Vaduz.. This is a much bigger team but we beat them (hard ) unexpected . And we didn't stop their !


Pétange isn't a big club so i was praying for more money .. LASK is nr 108 of Europe and they have a lot of player with value over 2 million.  Again we won and we deserved to win. 

Viktoria Plzen is our final hurdle to reach Europa League Group stage. This would make u big in Gibralter and i was hoping to reach this in season 5/6/7.. not in the first one :o 

All credits to my five, six very good Spanish players (i can't use them all in Gibraltar league , maybe that is why they are fresh for Europe).

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Europa League - Last QF round - Season 1

If we win, this could be a big miracle and we would be rich !

After one minute.. it was almost over. They hit the post a few time but at half time it was only 0-1.

I only changed one player and we got a few chances..

Boro scored the 1-1 and Juanfri scored the winner but was disallowed. 


I still had my 4 subs so i if i would get near the penalty's .. it would start bringing on the 'good' penalty takers, not that i have many.


If Plzen misses we would become rich ! but they scored.. so we had to score the fifth  !

The rest is history... :hammer:



4a918f22c6dd5980335f83e7d7516f23.png He did it !






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11 hours ago, Perre8 said:

impressive qualifying rounds against bigger teams!

next goal is the superleague? ;)

I still can't believe it but you were more or less my live witness to the facts :) 

This will give me a competitive advantage over the rest and this way I can keep my Spanish army for a few more years and in the meantime grow the youth academy and buy some good players here and there from Gibraltar.

9 hours ago, Hootieleece said:

Quite a Strong group you are in.....hopefully you remain competitive. Good Luck!


Indeed a tough group but great matches. I hope to get one point somewhere, would also earn me some money and I count on a lot of TV money.

@Jimbokav1971 can confirm it is not that easy to get points in the group stage(s) .. just getting their is very good in the first 5/10 years :)

2 hours ago, deltablue said:

Great job just getting this far.

Thanks, really unexpected.

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1 hour ago, OlivierL said:

@Jimbokav1971 can confirm it is not that easy to get points in the group stage(s) .. just getting their is very good in the first 5/10 years :)

Getting to the Group Stage of any continental competition with a GIB team is indeed impressive. 

In the early stages I didn't even try and compete once we had qualified. I would literally rest the whole 1st choice team in Europe until such time as I though we could at least compete. It seemed silly to knock their morale when you could just rest the up. 

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11 hours ago, Sheriff7 said:

Ι hit europa league group stage in my first season with Lincoln Red Imps last season and i had the same reaction.:DGood luck.;)

Thanks , did it help u as much as it is helping me?

11 hours ago, Jimbokav1971 said:

Getting to the Group Stage of any continental competition with a GIB team is indeed impressive. 

In the early stages I didn't even try and compete once we had qualified. I would literally rest the whole 1st choice team in Europe until such time as I though we could at least compete. It seemed silly to knock their morale when you could just rest the up. 

I have a first team for Europe with a lot of Spanish players and make 4 or 5 changes for the GIbraltar matches. This could help to get something out of the games against Molde. Not sure if that is realistic .

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9 hours ago, cel1234 said:

Can't believe you have missed the club song off. :lol:


haha i found that song during my research but i'm not a fan of 'blues' :o but it was very funny idd. They all have their own club houses , that is the only thing they don't share with the other teams. Very nice story :) I want to thank you one more time for tis updated database and graphics :) i love the 3d kits from Joseph's.

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Europa League - First match - Season 1


We conceded after 20 minutes and had no chances or possession in the first half.

After the break, something great happened .. Juanfri scored but they disallowed it . The ball was gone on the below image.. with var it would have been 1-1 !




Very happy with our first game. I'm going to post about every Europa League group stage matches because it is something special.

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Europa League - second match - Season 1

We may only get one real chance to wipe out the 0 and that is at home against Molde.


Molde isn't dominating but they have more quality (logic). We had one happy moment and once again Boro scored (he also scored against Plzen and LASK in the qualifying rounds).

we didn't deserve to get a point, it will be hard to get one :)


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Europa League - third match - Season 1


Zaniolo, Mkhitaryan, Dzeko :idiot:


Can't believe this ! Juanfri scored the 1-0 .

They scored from a deserved penalty . let's hope that we don't concede five goals in the second half.

Can't believe this ! Juanfri scored three goals.. 3-2 up front with +- 12 minutes to go.

We did it ! Gibraltar on fire !


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19 hours ago, OlivierL said:

Thanks , did it help u as much as it is helping me?

I have a first team for Europe with a lot of Spanish players and make 4 or 5 changes for the GIbraltar matches. This could help to get something out of the games against Molde. Not sure if that is realistic .

Money were amazing and helped me to secure league title.I did have such a shocking results in group stage round like you thought...:D

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Europa League - fourth match - Season 1



Let's enjoy the big stadium and conditions. Roma are setting things right.

He didn't agree and scores again in a big match . 2-1 with 30 minutes to go..

Well they deserved to win but we were able to push them for 25 minutes.. a great experience. 

next : Celtic (H)

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Europa League - sixth game - Season 1

We need three points to finish third and stay in Europe. I'm already happy with our 3 points against Roma but you always have to hope for more..

It is over for us. We scored in every game, had a great home win against the biggest team and gained a lot of money. i'm happy and i hope that i can continue to build Joseph's and Gibraltar.


We gained 4.7m so i'm happy.

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Transfers - Winter - Season 1

This are my first real( not free) transfers in i think two or three Fm's (playing youth only most of the time).


Marquez A future GIbraltarian DC ? we'll see.

Ronan :  The best winter transfer, he could be my first choice wingback.

De Los Santos : My favourite player in my Man 62 save. He wasn't playing anymore at Man 62 but at Mons Calpe . I really have big plans with him

Borge :  Striker for the future , played against met for Europe FC in the Pepe Reys final.

My defence is very old so i needed fresh legs . I'll put them in the U23 for the next month but some of them will be used next season(this should deal with our homegrown problem). 

It currently seems very easy to buy off the other teams' best talents. one of them for only 750 euros. Let's hope that i can steal some 'rare' good regens from other teams. I still have three or four really good players in mind who are already playing for Gibraltar , but that is for June/july. one of them is Tjay De Barr . He doesn't want to talk (yet), i could sign him for 45k.


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Very good deals.Ronan is very talented and start his career frop Ipswitch if i remember corectly,De Los Santos always was my favourite young talent in every Gibraltarian save.

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Youth Intake - Season 1 - Class of 2021


The last sentence was something we should expect in the next years.. "Don't expect much from this youth intake.'"

Some good personalities and determination , two players with good PA. I didn't expect more this season. If i calculate them, five players score +35 what is acceptable for Gibraltar youth.



Best of class 2021

c7860defd98edb9e45f66d93cdf2b478.png b8b3b0b815f467b5008b3d66b6516f64.png
Moore is a fast winger with potential , Caunter has some good passing skills and determination.

I won't tag them anymore (expect the year) and i'll give them a new face if they get promoted to the first team.


Don't think we will get many different first nationalities but maybe some obscure second nationalities.


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Review - Season 1 - 2020/2021


League Fixtures | Play-off Fixtures League Player Stats | Best Eleven| Accolades | Finances | Transfers |Youth intake |

Gibraltar National League

We won the league without losing . We deserve to won our first championship since the first one in 1996.

Gibraltar Rock Cup086fba433f896c11727ca31bc358ed20.png
We deserved to win in the final but didn't. This is our first domestic loss.

Pepe Reyes Cup

We won our first prize at the start of the first season against double winner from last season Europa FC.




Very proud! Already posted about this . This made us rich !


Key players

Nano : Our best defender . 36 but really important with 4 goals and 7 assists. He signed a new deal for three years.

Juanfri : He is our second Spanish player on the Key list . He scored 30 goals in 33 apps. Also signed a new big deal.

Boro : Third Spanish player , great season with 19 goals and 12 assists . Playing as an IFR.

Borghi He is our IFL from Italy and from the Modena academy . he scored 8 and provided 13 assists !

Facilities (changes)



Improved twice !


Also improved twice.


Manager's thoughts

After I got professional status, I was able to extend all my star players (Nano (36) even for three years). Juanfri, Boro too. So my Spanish armada will stay for a while and they can guide the (especially younger) Gibraltarians well.

We already signed three regens from other clubs and we are about to sign some senior homegrown players. Not all the best players from Gibraltar but some of them are international . We'll be signing +- 6 first team players , i'll present them after the pre-season. The best player Liam Walker won't talk with me , i really want him to join.

Our goal is to get back into a group stage of Europe, although that will be difficult, and to let the youth development grow further. With the current budget, I can go on for a few more years. Next year I will try to win all the prizes in Gibraltar.

Above four will leave for free. Mateo is good but was unhappy since the winter break . Pecci was our captain but i don't have a place for him. 



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