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Tactic familiarity : which instructions influence familiarity

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I was reading here and there in the forum ...

And in my various tests, I have drawn conclusions, I don't know if completely correct.

Assuming that I am mentally bound to the fact that when I want to create a tactic, I also want to create alternatives in the other 2 slots, with different instructions so that in the game if I change some instructions, the team would not be affected.

Well, let's get to the point.

In the tests done I have compiled which team instructions affect tactical familiarity if you tap / click. Here is the list of "clicks" that affect familiarity:



Attack width

Type of passing




-------------- nothing


Defensive line

Line of engagement

Tight marking Yes/No

Typology contrasts

This brings me to 3 final thoughts:

1) I ask if this evaluation of mine is correct and, if not correct, what other instructions affect the familiarity (I took the test on each instruction and I noticed that it changed only with what is reported above)

2) To avoid changes in the game and be ready to adapt to situations, it is logical for me to think of adopting 3 tactics where in each of them the aforementioned instructions are modified. Not extreme. can this be a correct approach?

3) Without obviously considering that the change of a role influences familiarity for obvious reasons, I think that with the same formation you can recreate different ways of facing an opponent only by changing some roles. And here I ask, do I base individual training on the game system that I would use "basic"?


Thanks guys for the support

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