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Use match tactics not working when on Holiday

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I've been testing a new tactic and every time I holiday the season and enable the box for using my match tactic, the assistant will always go back to their own tactic instead of mine. I've tried everything to stop it but nothing works. 

Finally when I was testing it as Elche in the Spanish first division, I uninstalled it from my Xbox and reinstalled it. Without changing any game preferences I tried holidaying again and the first friendly used my tactic. However after this the game went back to using an alternate 4231 tactic rather than the 41320 I was trying to use. 

I'm on an Xbox One X playing FM21 through gamepass. I have also found numerous people with this issue ranging all the way back to January. I see that because sigames didn't manage to replicate the issue they just gave up. A fair few are having it so it's definitely a problem. 

Furthermore, I have since wiped my saved data and have changed the install location of the game to my Xbox hard drive and not an external one with no improvement. I am aware that SIGames cannot replicate it, but that is what a glitch is, it is present so still needs investigating. Choosing to not investigate because it can't be found is just admitting ineptitude. 

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Added information about many other people with the problem
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