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Golden Oldies: The Ageing Player Experiment and Tactical Creation - 4132, 433 Wide and more.

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Impressive results, but I'm even more impressed by Palomino, Sakai and De Roon and their physical atributes. The decline is nowhere to be seen. Are you doing any special training sessions over the season, maybe in international break, to keep the physicals that high?

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Yet another amazing run. I feel your pain towards Marega, he is the black sheep of my team IRL and I suffer that every single game :lol:
How do you find Caicedo playing him in a not natural position? I do like to do that once a player is suitable so I can add a totally different skillset to that position.

@Cleon had an amazing article about that named David Brookes I think.

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13 hours ago, heutheo said:

Are you doing any special training sessions over the season, maybe in international break, to keep the physicals that high?

Thanks for the upvotes and support. It keeps me motivated.

None at all. I lead individual training and delegate all team training to a capable assistant, making adjustments on a game-to-game basis (eg, adding team bonding to at least one slot per week). From what I have been observing there are three key ingredients to ensure physical attributes remain as high as possible for as long as possible:

  1. Natural fitness above 15 (this is now a minimum requirement for me when recruiting).
  2. Game time! This is without doubt the most important factor. If the player sits on the bench, the decline can be rapid.
  3. Avoiding serious injury. Unfortunately if a player over the age of 32 picks up a serious injury, any attribute recovery tends to be redistributed to mental attributes even with rehab training geared towards recovering the physical attributes.

With this information in - hand, I pack my international breaks and pre - season with as many competitive friendlies against weaker teams as possible. This firstly, allows 'green line' partnerships to establish themselves and secondly, maintains the fitness of my second XI who will play every other game in this 'friendly schedule'. I rationalise it like this: by the age of 32 a player should have received all the training required to be playing at the inherited current ability (whatever it may be). Thus, I am not looking to improve attributes, merely to maintain them and game time seems to be the most expedient way of achieving this.


Hope this helps.


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8 hours ago, davidbarros2 said:

How do you find Caicedo playing him in a not natural position

He was consistent without being sensational. When I deployed him there (AM Support) I was hoping he would offer some secondary aerial dominance due to the direct nature of my tactic. What transpired is that the ball was almost entirely bypassing him and he was more responsible for occupying an opponents DM without necessarily directly affecting the play.


8 hours ago, davidbarros2 said:

I feel your pain towards Marega

I am going to give him one more season as for a 'Golden Oldie' he has relatively blistering pace.


Both of these players are going to be vital components in the upcoming season. I am in the midst of retraining Marega into a later day Freddie Ljungberg, operating as a wide poacher from the Right Midfield position. With the echoes of Arsenal circa 2001 - 2005 in my mind, I am also looking to deploy Caicedo back in his natural position as a Bergkampesque DLF. He is certainly looking competent in the mental attributes. I am giving him some heavy individual training on Passing to boost his vision, passing and technique to 15 for the upcoming season. I have retrained Vasquez to run as like-for-like cover in case of injury.

I can smell a 442....


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