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Going through the editor for FM I was wondering if there is a known "scale" on how players are rated on CA/PA. I know this is subjective but opinions would help.

Is there anything like this below? (I just made up these numbers)

190+ Generational talent

178-189 World Class

165-177 Elite

155-164 Good Top Division player

Etc, etc.


I just made up those numbers, any advice would be great!

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My advice is to not bother with CA/PA in the first place and instead focus on the actual attributes of a player. Especially with newgens you can find plenty high CA players that are pretty crap due to missing certain core stats, while having much lower CA players with all the right stats that can be far more useful. I've also seen plenty of very well rounded players (which is a rarity with newgens), that have relatively low CA due to not having any exceptional stats (the higher a stat the more CA per point it takes up), but which I'd be more than happy with to have in my side even if CA wise they're worse than various other players I have.

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You can have a 140 CA player with a good attribute spread and good hidden that will perform better than an unbalanced 180 CA. You can't automatically assume that a player is this or that good based on the number. Either way, the number is hidden for a reason, and you should never buy a player based on it because you've gone under the hood. It's a fun thing to check when you're done with a save, but it's not something to actively use while playing the game. 

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3 minutes ago, chad2192 said:

Ok I understand where both of you are coming from, so how do editors determine PA for a player?

I don't actually think it has changed much since the replies in this thread: 


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In addition to everything that has already been mentioned,  consistency and big matches play an enormous role in determining how "good" your 180 CA player is actually going to be.   The best players in my saves nearly always end up being  in the 150CA range but who have extremely high values in both consistency and big matches. 

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