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I am playing with Hajduk. It is year 2027. I won two titles in a row (three in five years), last year I lost in knockout phase of Champions league on away goals, have good regens...


It is mostly with narrow systems. Gegenpress with some tweaks.

I want to play more wider.

Can you help me set it up? Every time I try it, there are huge drop down in every aspect of the game.

This screenshot shows you my understanding of it. But obviously something is wrong.

What else is alternative to gegen style? Ixcept wider system, in which other way to try? Because mostly I struggle in every other system and want to master every other tactic system.

(one more thing - in my last save with Napoli I was dominating more Sampdoria's of the league than I am doing it with Hajduk against weaker siders, so obviosly even though my gegen is doing well I am missing  something it there to, but this is not annoying me because I know it is thing of tweaks and tries, thing is I just want to  play differently)



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Personally, I would start with swapping the wingback to the right and the fullback to the left. Furthermore, swapping the dlp to the right and the bbm to the left to be more balanced.

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So a couple of things from my point of view.

1. Your midfield duo is very aggressive. Yes, the DLP theoretically has "hold position" and the BBM theoretically tracks back, but when you have the ball both will pretty much be parked just outside the opposition area, leaving tons of space behind them and nobody from your team sitting deeper in order to recycle possession or keep counter attacks in check.

2. You want to play wide, yet as pointed out by Yourih, you only have one wide flank basically. Your right side has the IW that will cut inside and a FB(Su), which is a relatively passive role that won't get involved too much in attacking play until later on, which is further hampered by you playing with a higher tempo.

3. What's the purpose of the AP? You want to play wide, you're focusing play down your flanks so what is he gonna do and when is he actually gonna get involved?


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Yes, he's in an advanced central position which your tactics are completely avoiding. Try to imagine how your build up will look like when you play wide while focusing the ball down the flanks. Your players will look to get the ball to your WB/Wingers ASAP and those players will then dribble forwards with the ball looking for a cross. At what point will any of this actually involve your AP? Your tactic is looking to turn your wide players into your sides creators, so where is a centrally positioned AP gonna come into the picture?

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It's not the only solution, although if I were to try and play a wingplay based system I would avoid a formation with an AMC due to these reasons. Alternatively, you can try the Treq who naturally drifts out wide and can actually link up with your wingers, while also offering more of a presence in the opposition area as he's more of a goalscorer than the AP. Another option, do away with a playmaker (Your wingers are your creative force, why do you need a traditional playmaker up front anyway?), and use a role that aggressively attacks the box like the SS/AM(A), although these players will need to be capable of getting on the end of a cross or you'll need a striker that enables them to do so and play in what's basically a 4-2-4, with a partnership up front where one guy is capable of getting on the end of the cross and the other is in position for the flick on to score.


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