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I think that the youth academy should be a main upgrade for the next release. It is a good concept that needs more fleshing out.

  •  I think you should be able to send scouts for auto-generated players in your first season, I think it gives the game more variety and more realism because sometimes we've never heard off a young talent before and then in the next year or 2 he is the next Kylian Mbappe.


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You can already improve the youth prospects coming into your team by upgrading your youth facilities.

In addition to this you can influence the style of players coming through by the type of coaches you sign - if you have attacking coaches you'll get more attacking youth prospects etc.

PS - Scouting for youth prospects is something I'll consider moving forward. The problem is that in most countries a club can't 'legally' tie a player down to a contract before a certain age (and in many countries influencing them to join a junior team is prohibited if they don't live within a certain radius of the club etc.).

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