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Creating 'Plan B'

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So, I am currently playing the below tactic, 


And, whilst I have no problems with it, I want to have a "Plan B". Now, I don't really want to change too much, but I am looking towards a similar formation, but with 2 players in the DM strata and 1 in the midfield strata (see below)


My question is this, What would be the ideal pairing for the 2 DM? And the CM? I'm leaning towards having one as a Segundo Volante, but I'm not sure on his partner. Also, would the other roles from my 'main' tactic work with the Volante?

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I actually only really play with one tactic. There no need to completely change the formation, simple TIs will usually do. Watching the first few minutes of the game in full or comprehensive highlights can usually give you a good idea of what's needs changing. 

As for the question of the Segundo Volante and an ideal partnership, I personally had success using a deep 4-2-3-1 as the formation allows the SV to have ample space to operate and make runs. I would recommend perhaps pairing him up with a stationary role, such as a DLP, DM, etc to cover for his runs. The SV is an incredibly demanding position so make sure you have the right player for it but if you do it can be quite devasting and entertaining to watch.


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