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I'm currently managing in China in December 2023, and I am unable to sign players who are out of contract at other Chinese clubs. These aren't players who are coming to the end of their contract (although I can't offer contracts to them either), but rather players who have been out of contract but still at their club for almost a year.

I can't seem to upload a saved game (the website is telling me the file is too big). Any ideas?

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Thanks for the feedback. 

If you navigate to the FM -> Game Status page could you please let me know the Game Created on Version number. 

There was an issue where the bosman rule wasn't being applied to Chinese clubs. A fix went in for this which may have only been applicable for new games. 

In regards to your save game then if you upload it to another file upload site and send us the link to the file we will be able to check it. 




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Hi @Ben Kenney - Thanks for replying. The game created on version number is: 1503138 and the Current version says: 21.4.0-1525123 (m.e v21.7.0.0).

If it is the problem identified above (which sounds like it might be), is there a way of fixing it on my current save? 


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