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Is it possible for midfielders to hug touchline anymore?

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I'm finding it difficult to keep width on both flanks of my front 5.

LWB - LW - CF - AM - RM

        LCM - DM - RB

            LCB - RCB


The LWB hugs the touchline nicely but I can't find the right midfield role for the RM. I'm using WM (A) but they move inside too early and don't stay as high as I would like. I assumed winger would be the right way to go but have similar issues.

I'm basically trying to recreate the Mahrez-Cancelo partnership but with Saka-Bellerin. Any advice welcome!



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"Hugs The Touchline" Trait would probably also be useful:


A player who hugs the line aims to stretch the play by staying wider than the rest when he’s out of possession. Instead of coming deep or moving into the opposition area in the final third, the player will hug the line and make himself available for a pass. He will work the wide channel and be positioned in wide areas whenever possible, looking to utilize this space to get the ball and will act in contrary to a player who cuts inside.


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Team width being extremely wide is a good starting point as this naturally spreads the players out wider, Also Saka is left footed so his natural movement will be inside but you can try and add "Hugs the touchline" trait as well.  

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