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Media prediction incorrect and unchanging for Sheffield Wednesday

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Played a few different saves that always include Sheffield Wednesday. The media prediction always seems to be 22nd - this was the prediction in the very first season and seems to be the prediction for every subsequent season. Even after a season in the Premier League followed by relegation, the prediction for the next season is still 22nd. This doesn't seem to make sense (a recently relegated team would expect to do well, plus I know that the available players are of a good standard).

Possibly there is some issue surrounding the coding of the points deduction that Sheffield Wednesday face at the start of the game?

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I have same issue too... It seems it also affects which players agree to join your club.

I'm playing with Brighton. 3rd season. First season I finished 7. Second season I finished 5th. Yet (according to player agents) a lot of players refuse to join my team because of my standing in premier league...

This is a much bigger problem then it seems.

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Media prediction is bugged to the game, is not just some clubs, is every club, I had a save with 40 seasons played, Arsenal was fightint to avoid relegation for couple of season but their prediction remained 5th every year.

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