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When I go into my team selection tab right before a game, players names don't show up under their shirts and only include their numbers. Also the intensity doesn't show up in the bottom left corner. Any fixes to this?


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Hi @Weuu, thank you for your post on this issue. 

We have been unable to reproduce this internally so far, would it be possible to provide a little more info? 

Is this also affecting the tactics screen or just the team selection screen?

Are you able to make changes to the team with this issue present?

Can you recall anything triggering it, any sequence we can follow to help us repro it? 

Have you deleted the Save data from the console (You can do this via the Manage Game and Add-Ons option on console, more info can be provided if required)? Please note this doesn't delete save games from the cloud, just the local data being stored on the console. 

Any info you can provide would be appreciated, in the meantime we will continue to try reproduce internally. 

Thanks again.

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Tactic screen is normal, this started happening with the transfer update, and it always happens even if I create a new career or if I reset my preferences to default.

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Hi @Weuu, could you try clearing your FM21 Xbox Saved Data through the "Manage Games & add-ons". You can do this by pressing the menu button on the Xbox UI and navigating to "Manage Games & add-ons". Please make sure to close FM before doing this too. Thanks.

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