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It says I do not have the funds to complete the transfer when on the finances section it says I have plenty both wage and transfer budget. The only thing I can think of doing is just waiting until the next window where the board will set the intial budgets but recently I signed a new contract which told me what my budgets where so i’m not sure?

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Hi @mikeboyd, thanks for your post. 

Unfortunately it is hard to advise without any additional information or screenshots. If you could provide further details on your current finances and the finances of the proposed deal, ideally by attaching some screenshots.

Also would it be possible to advise what platform you are playing on and whether you have access to a Windows 10 machine as we may need to request a copy of your save file as part of the investigation.


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I have the same issue using the Xbox version, the transfer budget goes into red even though there’s plenty of funds available, annoying if you’ve paid for extra transfer funds if you can’t use them.




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