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Ok this is very bad or very stupid , 


I have like 10 players , yes 10... i try all to loan out but without any dam luck , this is super frustrating and is completing ruining my game , i report this in the past and no result.

If the dev team is short just say to mr Miles to contract more people , ignore the bugs and the HUGE bugs like this one is a mistake , hope in the future  a new game manager game comes out to this company get some decent hit on the sells .


Keep the players is needed ignore it will make it leave the game and not buy it .

Sorry if i just blowup but im trying to loan-out this dudes like 2 months and is dam frustrating !!! 



BTW i have all CM/FM i start in Championship Manager in MSDOS and this FM 2021 for me is the most annoying and lack in changes or development in the history of the saga, and this bug is killing me.


All this players want to talk to others clubs and is nice to move to another , not unhappy or dont want to leave etc .. 


Need my save?  love to upload it ... thanks. 


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Hi @Tigas

If you could upload your save game, that would be a massive help. Lots of potential reasons why clubs might not want to loan your players - what wage contribution and fee demands have you put?

Details on how to upload your save game can be found here - 




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