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Focus play - so confused!

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19 小时前, ryandormer说:

(I'd pretty much finished this post by the time I realised how old the thread was! Given I'd already written it, decided to post anyway)

It might just be confirmation bias, but this is my team using a fairly narrow width, and focus play on the right:


Number 4 is the DLP(s) in the DM position, 22 is a Mez(a) at right CM, and 8 is an AP(s) at left CM. In terms of players contributing to the attack, only the WB(s) (number 3) and IF(s) (number 19) are on the left hand side of the pitch, and even then the IF(s) is more central than wide. Almost the entre opposition has been moved over to that flank also. The gap between the opposition number 4 and number 21 is pretty large compared to their number 4 and 5. That suggests that the focus play instruction has compromised their defensive shape. If the ball gets played into the box, it's essentially one-on-one between my number 19 and the opposing number 21. (Update: I un-paused the game, that's exactly what happened, and he scored)

By half time, this is the average position of my players:


You can see the average position of the CMs are slightly to the right of the average positions of the CBs.

Even though my AP(s) is my left sided CM, the team is still shifting the play down the right hand side more often. Roles and duties obviously play an impact, but I believe that this shows how focus play can work.

Can you see any instructions?

The picture below



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