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Choose as Affliliate button [FM19]

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I've just noticed a "Choose as Affliliate" button/tab on all club pages. I assume this is because I have been at my current club for a long time so am trusted by the board to select my own affiliate.

Question is, what is supposed to happen when it's selected? I've identified a team I'd like to set up a link with and have selected the button, but... nothing? As a user I'm just returned to my Home page/ Inbox.

Should something happen once selected? i. e. some kind of acknowledgment/ email that an affiliation is being set up? Or is something going on behind the scenes that I'm not aware of yet? Or is this just a bug?

Grateful for any clarity here.

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Normally if you are asked by the board to choose an affiliate, they will come back to you with a short list of suitable alternatives for you to make the final choice.  Maybe go to the "make a board request" option and select the affiliate tab from there.

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