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Scouting "load factor" - Assignments and scouting specific players

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Is there a way to know how many players a scout can investigate (individual players that I asked for a scouting report on) at the same time?  How is this effected by the scout also having an assignment to look for players in general?   For example, I have a scout assigned to look for GK's in Eastern Europe for a month.   As a test, I asked him to also watch an individual striker in Ireland for 2 weeks.    When I advance time, both of these make progress. (That guy is going to build up frequent flyer miles!)  But  if I now add another player for him to report on , that project will be "on hold".   (While other scouts can scout multiple people at the same time).   Rather then continuing to experiment I wonder if this is documented somewhere?  Or is there somewhere in the game that will tell me what the 'capacity' of a scout is?  I am really new to scouting (and to FM) so maybe this is all super obvious.

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Being a bit impatient for a response i did some testing of my own.   I started with a 8/9 (JA/JPA) scout and added 15 scouting assignments (all within England, if it matters). After advancing time,  only 3 advanced in scouting the rest were all on hold.   I reverted the save and now added an assignment for the scout to go find first team players in Italy.  Advancing time, he makes progress on the Italy and once again 3 scouting assignments.   

Once again I reverted the save , this time edited the scout to be 20/20 (JA/JPA) and this time he could scout 6 of the players. Once again it did not matter if he also had a proper assignment in Italy.

Maybe this is obvious to everyone, but I often see people advising that you should leave a 'scout free' of assignments so that they can focus on scouting individual players for scouting report but as far as I can tell this is not necessary. (See for example : https://www.guidetofm.com/squad/scouting-assignments/) 

Am I missing something basic here? 

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Hi there! I made some testing after I already created a topic and asked it previously in multiple topics also and summarised it here but it was wastly overlooked: 

Hints and Tips - entire content - Football Manager General Discussion - Sports Interactive Community (sigames.com)

As you mentioned a lot of people get basic principles about scouting wrong and circulating it on multiple forums, I tried to clear it up somewhat. Like no point of leaving a scout unassigned - general assignment,  1 scout can watch 3 players individually at the same time and scouting's nation knowledge has nothing to do how fast he/she gathers knowledge% about a player not from that country. 

Hope this helps to plan your scouting capacity. Also employ as much recruitment analystst as possible/allowed as if you ask them to analise a player they "instantly" get you around 10% knowledge of a player's attributes. If I recall correctly they do a report in around 3 days - but will not give feedback on their hidden attributes-traits etc. Super useful to identify targets based on core attributes for further scouting instead of waiting 1 week for your scout to provide a little bit more info - that might be not as crucial for you. 

IMO the most key thing with scouting is managing your scouts' individual player scouting priorities manually (Scouting/Scouting priorities list). Like the "watch for match" bottleneck I mentioned when the scout is fixed on a player who is not playing in games and not progressing with other's on hold.

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Posted (edited)

Wow fantastic!  I did try searching for something like your post but my search ability must be <10 lol.   That sure cleared up quite a few things!   Only thing I would add is that as I discovered scouts with high ability can scout even more then 3 at the same time (up to 6 , or maybe more if some other ability I didn't pump up also can contributed).   So on your hints and tips post you could change '3 players' to 'at least three players'.  

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