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I've been having massive issues with my Margate save I have been playing for hundreds of hours, playing all the way up to 2034 without an issue.

However, recently. I've found that the game fails to save past the 24th June 2034. And tells me that it could not save the game. Here's a list of things I have tried to fix it so far;

- Choosing a new save location, including a Pen Drive or saving in the cloud.

- I have tried to clear cache in game and deleting cache and preferences outside of the game.

- I have saved the game at an earlier date (2 weeks before) - transferred to another PC and tried to play through and save it on there.

- I have attempted to holiday past the date where the issue starts (1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 6 months) - none of which have allowed me to save the game.

- I have verified the data through steam which has not come back with any issues.

I believe I have exhausted my list of options. I really don't want to lose this save - it has been my saving grace throughout lockdown. 

Any tips or help would be greatly appreciated. I am willing to try anything at this point.

Thanks all. :)

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hey @reecedh

Strange issue, what does the game say when you try to save? Any chance of a screenshot of the message it gives you?

Off the top of my head it might be a local issue - it can't save to the folder you have chosen for Local; that would be strange to follow you around from PC though. As for cloud saves, what platform are you on - Steam, Epic, Gamepass?

Feel free to upload the save also, it would be unusual if it is the save itself but worth us checking.


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  • Tony Garvey changed the title to Game could not be saved.

hey @Tony Garvey

Thank you for your response!

Please see what it says when I try to save in the image attached.

I am playing on Steam.

Please find the save file I have uploaded to the cloud called 'Margate 2035'

Thanks again for your help! :)

Error message.PNG

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