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[Suggestion] Being able to choose shirt numbers and more than 23 players for National Teams


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I've never get it why National Teams are so much snubbed, while club received many and many improvements through the years, Nationals did not.

I think there are some simple improvements easily achievable. I've never understood why for qualification to major tournament or friendly matches we were always limited to 23 players, while in reality is common to see 25, 26 or even 27 player in the roster of National Teams.
Even worse with the numeration of National Teams: pratically no team plays anymore with the 1 to 11 numeration, but we are stuck with that, and, what's worse, we cannot choose to whom give a specific number.
For a game which aims to be a realistic and immersive simulation, I think these are big (and easly correctable) flaws that we are bringing with us for a long time.

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