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Better UI options in Select Nations/Leagues screen

Domus Clamantium

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Select Nations Buttons:
Select All - Selects all nations in all continents
Select None - Removes all selected nations; greyed out if no nations selected
Check boxes next to each continent - Checking a continent box selects all nations within that continent

New league selection screen buttons:
Enable All Leagues Playable - when pressed, all leagues in the listed nations will become listed as playable
Enable All: (Continent) - when pressed, all leagues in said continent will become listed as playable
All Leagues View Only - All divisions in all continents will become view only
View Only: Continent - All divisions in said continent will become view only
Top divisions only - All nations' top divisions will become playable, all lower ones view only
Top divisions: Continent - Top divisions per this continent will be playable, all lower ones view only

Custom Database in Database Size section:
Enable all players and staff button - automatically enables all players and staff possible from all continents (on Large Database size with all leagues loaded, the number of players and staff loaded will still be far less than this amount and some people like myself like to load 440k players because they can)

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