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I'm managing Anderlecht, coming to the end of the first season.

In pretty much every other pre-match press conference I get the "you've got nothing left to play for" question....strange as I'm top of the league by a point with 4 games left to go and I'm in the cup final....

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Rather than open a new thread, an addition to this:

Just taken Rangers to their first ever CL final and at the end of the pre-game press conference, I am asked if I agree with the St Johnstone manager putting a player that I had never heard of on the transfer list.  What?  The biggest day in the club' history and I asked a totally irrelevant question that I wouldn't even expect to get asked in a domestic press conference..  Just to compound this at the start of the next season, I was asked a similar question at the PC before the Euro Super Cup. I can answer them but It is a nonsensical question being asked well out of context and needs to be changed.  I have reported this issue in 2  previous versions and uploaded a save before.

My AM does all the domestic press conferences, and I am regularly concerned that he will answer questions about potential player sales, stating that he is willing to listen to offers when in fact, he has absolutely nothing to do with transfers at all and should be saying nothing.

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