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- Online Save - New messages cant be seen, they are not refreshing.

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I am playing an online save with a friend and he is the host. Suddenly the inbox messages are stuck and while i see that i have new messages, when i click inbox the messages are not refreshing.

We hit continue and many days have passed, the numbers of messages are increasing but still the messages are stuck.

We tried going on holiday option, verifying the local files, reload the skin, reinstall graphics drivers and last reinstall the game. The only thing that was successful was that i retire from the team and create new manager but again we find the problem after same days.

We havent find any fix.

So, any idea?

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Yes we play in a third party db but its the first time that we have this kind of problem. At previous fm, like 18-19-20, we played third party db with no problem at all.

I have attached the save game within the link above with name sotos_vs_giannis.

Thank you for your time.

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cheers @Tsiou_91

Yeah, this is down to a third party db - we are investigating this though, just because you use a third party DB doesn't mean this should happen.

We can reproduce it ourselves with a third party DB, but never with the basic data. 

While we look into this, if you want to play a new game in the meantime - it would be interesting if you can get it without any custom database changes. But otherwise, thanks for flagging, we're aware of it now and the issue is logged for investigation

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So, the interesting part is that we found a solution which is strange but effective.

I took the saved game from my friend and i loaded it as host and the my friend connected. We switched, and the game run smoothly.

After 3 monthes inside the game, the same problem happened with the messages, and then we changed again. My friend took the saved game and load it as host and then i connected and once again the game continued without a problem.

Of cource this isnt the correct way to play a game, but in our case is a solution.

I appriciate if you could invastigate and if you find something, let me know, cause maybe another user may have this problem in the future.

Thank you for your time!

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Hi @Tony Garvey (and @Tsiou_91),

I was just wondering if you have any new insights into this? I have the exact same problem with my friend. We did the same workaround as mentioned by Tsiou_91 (without being aware of this post) but we now reached a point where our inbox won't refresh on the same day, so the swapping around doesn't work anymore.

Thanks in advance!

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