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Hi everyone,

My and my friends set up a FM21 multiplayer save a couple days ago for the first time this year like we have done in previous years. However, when we have gone back in to load this particular save up after playing a bit and going on a second time, we are struggling to get the other players in - the host.

From what I am aware, everything we have done is right. Multiplayer preferences are ok and don't show anything that could cause an issue.

On Steam the join button is greyed out and are unable to join through that and the host does not have an invite players to game button.


Any help is appreciated,


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Hi @Harv26091995

Sorry about the trouble you're having. Can you just confirm everyone is on the latest version of FM (21.4)? Are you all in the same place / timezone? Just asking because if your PC's clock is out of sync it'll not let you connect. 

Are you on Windows PCs? Is everyone?

Please also take a look at our further troubleshoot tips here:


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