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Unrealistic Job Offers


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I noticed since the beta of FM21 unrealistic job offers. I always start on Sunday league rep and no badges. I've found through each patch that when starting unemployed (even when having lots of nations loaded down to very low levels) I am being linked and also offered interviews without applying for teams in the Championship, League 1, La Liga etc.~

However, I've always found that after taking the first job (usually at a conference level for me) the job offers are realistic. For example, if not succesful and being sacked/leaving it is at the same level or below.

However, on my current save in my first season with my team I finished 16th in the VSS, and second season 3rd in the VSS losing in the playoffs. I then left to the division above in the VN and left after 20 games being rooted 20th at the bottom of the table.

Since leaving I have been offered interviews without applying for Granada B, Bradford City and Blackburn.

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