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Most challenging Football Manager series

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There has been a few saying this year has been too easy for some people so I wanted to know what People think Is the most challenging FM they have ever played?

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I always felt probably around 2012-2017 was optimal. All of them (sadly) have had some exploits, however it's only in the last two that I feel the downloadable tactics you find on various websites break the game/completely make it too easy (insert tactic, do nothing but click continue, finish 2nd with a team expected to finish bottom) whereas in the past, it felt that at least you would need to provide SOME input to make this happen (sign players from shortlists, tweak training, actually make interventions during matches).

FM needs sliders. I don't care if the AI cheats in order to make the game feel challenging, at least it'd provide some sort of carrot to chase.

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