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FM21 - Beek Vooruit - Every Nation Challenge

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The Challenge is quite a simple one in theory. It's probably something that has been done before but it's not something I've seen done to this scale, but if it has then kudos to the guy that thought of it first. I first heard about it from my friend who did a blog save from FM19 which focused on a European version (just the 55 countries).

This is something that I managed to complete in FM19, using a custom database which had extremely relaxed rules around foreign players in a matchday squad and it took me 27 seasons from start to finish. This version is a bit tougher as I am limiting myself to only signing players U23 years of age, and if they a player becomes older than 23 then he must move on. I am also working my way through the leagues, something that wasn't a consideration in the previous attempt, as it only had 1 level.

Have a player:

  • Make an Appearance
  • Score a goal
  • Get Man of the Match

From every single nation within the game - I've worked out that there are 227 Nations - 211 of them are part of FIFAs World Rankings and there are a further 16 which are present in the game but are outside of the rankings.

Basic Rules/Lessons Learnt

  • You need to find a country with relaxed rules around the amount of foreigners that can play in your first 11 - i've chosen Holland for FM21, but i believe Belgium and Portugal could also be strong contenders. Of course, you could chose ANY nation in the world to attempt this challenge but it makes it a huge amount tougher if there are restrictions
  • Target the really crap nations as quickly as you can - the Northern Mariana Islands will generally only generate 2 or 3 players every few seasons so you wont have any quality so if you can tick them off early before you rise through a nation- it helps!
  • One Club save - i'm starting with Beek Vooruit in the Dutch Tweede Klasse Zondag E (Step 7)
  • Any Database accepted and as many leagues across as many continents as you want - you know what your laptops can handle! I would recommend USA as one as you get some good coverage over North America
  • When starting a save, select for each continent - Add all players in International Team - this will help bump up some of the more exotic nations in the world
  • Dual Nationals are fine as long as they complete the 3 before switching nations - i.e. if a Malaysian plays and scores but only gets a MoM after he choses to represent Holland then he does not count. If he completes the set before switching then that is fine
  • Get as many of the obscure nations as you can at the earliest opportunity. You never know when they will produce someone and if they do it's likely to be someone that is NOT fit for purpose.



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Disclaimer - I started this last week, so have done a few already..

One Nation down - Cape Verde Islands. The perfect scenario. MoTM on a scoring debut.


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3 nations down, and it's the first one from the Oceanic region. 

He's had a decent season and is miles better than most at this level, finally nabs the MoTM award


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End of Season 1




  • 18 Nations Appeared
  • 10 Nations Scored
  • 3 Nations Man of the Match

A grand total of 3 Nations ticked off - I was hoping for more..

But the groundwork done for plenty next season..


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A new season and a new continent off and running.

Shame this one was ticked off on a Saturday..

A hattrick and 3 assists gave him a perfect 10 and the MoTM award

  • 4 out of 227


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Sometimes it can take ages and ages for a player to tick off all 3, sometimes it's all in a debut. This wasn't quite debut territory but not far off.

Last time around, Belgium was the last European nation I got. This time the 2nd - geography helping I suspect!

Belgium becomes the 5th Nation of the challenge complete - a double hattrick - we were playing against a team several levels below us!

  • 5 out of 227


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  • KibworthBull changed the title to FM21 - Beek Vooruit - Every Nation Challenge

Naser has been part of the "journey" - can it be a journey when you are in the 2nd season?, for a while now and has had the odd bright moment where he has looked ok.

Now he has ticked off the achievement for Iran, he can now drop down to the development squad and probably a standard of football he is better suited to.

  • 6 out of 227


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9 hours ago, Fudal said:

This is a brilliant idea, firing up the game to start from tier 9 in England!

Wow! Brexit is going to be a cruel element to this challenge! Good Luck!

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The hope for this save is that every night I am able to tick off at least 1 nation, for a two big reasons

  • It keeps the post towards the top of the thread so gives maximum opportunity for exposure from you lovely people
  • It means i am continously making progress towards completion.

Thank you David Mitchell.

New Zealand is ticked off - David has been living in Holland for the past 5 years (just got a 2nd nationality) but once a Kiwi, always a Kiwi..

  • 7 out of 227


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This one was simply a matter of time.

For our level an outstanding player who has had a few injuries and has finally claimed the MoTM award

Sweden is done.

  • 8 out of 227


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End of Season 2


Promotion secured - we led from the front and secured it on the final day beating Colmschate '33. I am hoping that the standard isn't much better in the 6th tier as we've got a lot of players at the club who have played and/or scored so they might struggle if there is a big difference.

5 nations were ticked off this year.

  • 26 nations have played for us
  • 15 nations have scored for us
  • 8 nations have gotten a MoTM

Started but not finished nations


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21 hours ago, Motlhen said:

This is a nuts idea, I love it!

It's one of those ideas that feels like a good idea at the time, then you realise when you get going, just how nuts it is!

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It's been a while since we have been able to tick off a nation.

League form has suffered because we are not exactly selecting the best team we have... but...

Tonga has stepped up to the plate..

9 down..


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We are currently in October 2022 and in the previous transfer window, i bought in 12 players from around the world, with only 1 of them actually good enough for a regular starting birth (if this was a normal save).

It's taken him a little bit of time but a double-assist cup game has meant we have ticked off the 10th nation of the challenge.

Morocco in the bag..


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Two in a night! You better believe it.

This one was a rare one. Shamari got the MoTM award a few games ago so was waiting a goal to finish him off. I immediately put him in penalties and he did the business in the 94th minute to secure us a 3pts.

11 out of 227 complete.

Anguilla becomes the first from North America


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Bit of a Stangl down the leg side...

It's January, which means the transfer window is open and it means that we have a host of new nationalities on board.

Steven Stangl is Austrian and came off the bench and got the winner in a crunch top of the table clash. Dieter Erlenkötter had been my Austrian hope but the MoTM award aluded him since joining last season. Steven got the job done.

12 out of 227 complete.


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I love January.

Another game, another scoring debut, and another MoTM award.

This time for Denmark's Essam Abdel Aziz (yes really, although he is Egyptian born).

Another European nation is completed.

13 out of 227


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On 21/03/2021 at 22:02, bambi holt said:

Crazy idea. Love it


On 21/03/2021 at 22:23, sc91 said:

One of the most unique ideas I've saw, brilliant work.


Thanks guys. 

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Sometimes you have a really good feeling about a night

1st game of the night and one of the worst nations in the world is ticked off

Sint Maarten are not even in the World Rankings but they do play at International Level and Dario ain't a bad player. He's been with me for a couple of seasons and has come close a couple of times to getting the MoTM award but has finally achieved it.

14 out of 227


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Season 3 Review



That feels good.

6 nations ticked off - that feels good.


  • 32 Nations Played
  • 23 Nations Scored
  • 14 Nations MoTM 

Next Season we shall remain Amateur and enter the 5th tier of Dutch Football and we've got a rebuild on our hand as our star player - Fijian Scott Wara, has turned 23 so has to leave the club. We've got a couple of Dutch players in Sidney de Jong and Theirry van der Berg who turn 23 soon so this will be their last season with the club. There are also a number of other nationalities which we have ticked off so can move those guys on.

Lots of nations to come in and hopefully we can continue our rise up the pyramid.


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This is the season of Obscure nations - 39 Nations are contracted to the club now, some have already been ticked off but there are some wierd and wonderful ones now.

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Anguilla
  3. Aruba
  4. Australia
  5. Austria
  6. Bhutan
  7. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  8. Burkina Faso
  9. Cook Islands
  10. Curacao
  11. Democratic Republic of Congo
  12. Denmark
  13. Djibouti
  14. Germany
  15. Ghana
  16. Guam
  17. Haiti
  18. Holland
  19. Iceland
  20. Indonesia
  21. Israel
  22. Kiribati
  23. Kosovo
  24. Mayotte
  25. Micronesia
  26. Montserrat
  27. Morocco
  28. Nepal
  29. Poland
  30. Saint Barthelemy
  31. Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  32. Samoa
  33. San Marino
  34. Sint Maarten
  35. South Africa
  36. Sweden
  37. Turks and Caicos Islands
  38. Tuvalu
  39. United States
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My approach of throwing the obscure nations into the team is not exactly going well - we are relegation favourites and more than living up to that tag.

The only positive is the 15th nation ticked off - Ghanian Osman Musah came off the bench and grabbed 2 late goals in our first win of the season. It's his 4th season with the club so deffo a slow burner!


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Districtsbeker Zuid I Cup Tie against a side 2 levels below us - the perfect opportunity for us to play an entire squad of nations who are yet to be ticked off in the hope that someone gets a goal and/or man of the match.

Yeshi Dorji had previously given us 10 fairly poor performances and was yet to score. He did today and it got him MoTM, and that is Bhutan ticked off.

  • 16 out of 227


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I love an odd scenario me.

Iceland is in the bag, but we have done a journey to get there.

Left Winger, Alfreð Elías Öfjörð started the journey with us and scored in the first season, we then had Valdimar Brimir Hjartarson and Haukur Andrésson as Full Backs, but none of these 3 achieved a MoTM award, until a cup tie against a side 3 tiers below us. Step forward, Centre Back Arnar Sigurgeirsson with that elusive award winning display.

So between 4 players we have ticked this one off.

There may not be many more this season, as we are crap and destined for relegation

  • 17 out of 227


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34 players have joined since the start of the season - sadly, and being completely honest, very few of them are actually good enough for this level of football.

One who is, Panagiotis Symelidis, joined in January and struck a hattrick to secure us a first win of 2024 and means that Greece has been ticked off.

We are currently sitting in the relegation play-offs with a gap of 1pt to automatic safety - there are 9 games left. 

18 out of 227


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Posted (edited)

It feels quite wierd playing games and hoping to get relegated - and it's coming true!

We need to drop a level to tick nations off so there is going to be a cull next season of ANY nation that we have ticked off is going - we are going to be left with the dross.

One shining light was our Kosovan - Fation Redzepi - he will go now as he got a hattrick (we still lost) and picked up MoTM

19 out of 227


Edited by KibworthBull
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Posted (edited)

I got really excited when we picked up a 2-2 draw just now - our American Samoan scored and no-one else scored more than he did (3 others got 1) so he had a chance to pick off an obscure nation.

I was let down.

Phillip Schulte managed to pick up the MoTM which means a slightly less obscure nation is ticked off - Germany

20 out of 227


Edited by KibworthBull
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We fell away badly


Only 4 wins in the whole season - that's poor


BUT the positive...

  • 6 Nations completed (joint best), bringing our total to 20
  • 63 Nations have now played for us - a staggering 32 were debutants this season
  • 30 Nations have now scored for us

Next season is at a lower level so our "stars" should have more chance off ticking these nations off.

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1 hour ago, bambi holt said:

Do you try and complete each country with a single player or would you consider using 2 players,(1 getting goal, different 1 mom)?

I normally do a scattergun approach - bring in 2 or 3 from a nationality (especially the really crap ones) and then see what sticks. Iceland for example had 1 player score and another player get MoTM. Normally it works that 1 player scores and gets MoTM in the same game, so completes the set, but it's not always that cut and dried.

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It feels like an absolute age since the last game we've played, but FINALLY we are back into some competitive football and another nation has been ticked off.

Víctor Manuel Guadarrama was born in the U S A, he was, born in the U S A - he's been part of the squad for 4 seasons now and has finally gotten that pesky MoTM award in our opening day victory.

21 out of 227


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I feel Gidey, I feel Gidey...

2 games into the season and 2 nations ticked off. This feels much like our level.

Ethiopia is nailed. Saleamlak came in January and struggled at the higher level.

22 out of 227


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Posted (edited)

Everyone loves a Haitian right?

Pierre fils me with love... sorry wrong forum...

Anyway... another nation ticked off, and it's Haiti and Pierre Fils-Aime completing the job that Paul Roche couldn't - Roche scored but flattered to decieve.

  • 23 out of 227


Edited by KibworthBull
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There is a huge amount of Indonesian players in Holland - this confused me until i remembered that the country used to be called Dutch East Indies - so it's a colonial situation.

We have had a few players from this nation but none have ever achieved MoTM.. until now.

Hari Hamid has given us a much needed 3pts and a 2 goal salvo in the same game.

  • 24 out of 227



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According to press reports i am on the verge of the sack. Didn't bother old Johnny Latortue here. A brace and the MoTM award is in the bag

The Bahamas nicely squared away.

  • 25 out of 227


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2 games tonight and 2 nations ticked off.

The fears for the job are becoming a little less pronounced - although we are beating teams below us in the table so are expected to be doing this.

Mama Agbeto has been a good signing for us - probably one of a handful who is actually capable of playing at a higher level, a MoTM award in a 3-0 victory which also saw my Saint Martin prospect score as well, so a little gutted that Mama got the award (as he is a lot more useful to me)

A record seasonal equalling 6th nation ticked off and we are only in December!

  • 26 out of 227


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3 games, 3 nations! It's a good night tonight.

This one has been coming for a heck of a while.

Shabeer Razooniya has 11 goals and 6 assists but has always just been pipped to the MoTM award in his games - until now.

Sri Lanka doesn't produce many greats in this sport -  and i am not sure Razooniya could be classed as that, but he will always be a hero to me.

  • 27 out 227


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18 hours ago, bambi holt said:

What will you do if you are sacked? Carry on with new club or start all over again?

I'm hoping it doesn't come to that but i'll probably retire manager 1 and create manager 2 so i can continue the journey with Beek.

When i did it last time i moved clubs quite a bit and it was always a struggle with that new club starting off.

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We haven't produced many of "our own" in this challenge yet - most have been fairly rubbish Dutchmen, but there has been one and he has finally scored..

He got MoTM a fair few games ago so it's been a waiting game for the net to bulge.

Ante Kramaric is only 16 years old but he has probably ran his race for us now.

Croatia makes it 28 out of 227 - less than 200 to go!


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