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[Discussion] Levels of competence for boards

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One large part of real life football I've always thought has been missing is the various levels of competence of certain directors/owners. I'm aware there's only so much that could be done about real life board members for legal reasons (similar to why SI can't make real players 'unambitious' or 'mercenaries'), but perhaps it could be something to make variable for newgen board members. There could be competency based attributes, such as budget control, appointing managers and football understanding as well as hidden attributes that determine how the owner's personality determines how he runs the club, such as financial generosity, desire for publicity and cultivating relationships. It's a dynamic that's played a key part in shaping the fortunes of so many clubs such as Leeds (both sides of the coin), Brentford (good), Spurs (good), Bolton (bad), Blackpool (bad) and Bury (very bad). I know this is a game about the manager shaping a club's fortunes, but it's also built to reflect the reality of management and I could bet my mortgage that the number of real life managers who could write books about certain owners would be ten a penny.

Without wanting to get into too much of a rabbit hole (or do I?), perhaps this could also then have an effect on the fans' relationship with the club and how they perceive the manager (i.e. if they sympathise with him or if they think he has more than enough backing to do better), with boycotts, protests and low attendances for poorly run clubs and full houses, positive fan engagement and good press for well run clubs.

To sum up how I feel it works on FM currently, I think boards are still too homogenous. Some owners either have lots of money or they don't, they have certain things they intervene on and a vision for how the club is to be run which is a positive step, but apart from that they just exist for granting/rejecting requests and hiring/firing. I feel like there have been positive steps in recent years, but I never come across any tales out of clubs being run into the ground by incompetent and/or unscrupulous owners or being dragged up through the leagues by good ones.

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