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COMET & ZaZ - Blue 2.2 2PF Tweak ( 4411 tactic and 442 tactic )

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Hey there,

Recently, I started using 2 great tactics by Pulsar and Prutton and these tactics have been working amazing for me so I want to share them with you, guys.

COMET - https://fm-arena.com/thread/1025-comet/

Blue 2.2 2PF Tweak - https://fm-arena.com/thread/1029-zaz-blue-2-2-2pf-tweak/


Here are some results from people who played with the tactics:

Man Utd ( COMET tactic )




Man City ( COMET tactic )




PSG ( COMET tactic )



Bayern Munich ( COMET tactic )



Man Utd ( Blue 2.2 2PF Tweak tactic )



Atletico Madrid ( Blue 2.2 2PF Tweak tactic )



Inter ( Blue 2.2 2PF Tweak tactic )




I hope these tactics also will work you too. :thup:



COMET.fmf ZaZ - Blue 2.2 2PF Tweak.fmf

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Posted (edited)
5 minutes ago, ilyes92300 said:

Helo what is a best version ? Comet ?? 


As far as I know there's only one version of the COMET tactic.

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I made a simple tweak, changing the PF to AF - and this is the outcome.  Pretty amazing, so many goals. PF is definitely the more stable and consistent, but a nice tweak for when you need a goal1474483451_ZazAF.thumb.png.a1bc1358c4d4f443a68b99c99d69e745.pngs

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Posted (edited)
52 minutes ago, basheer said:

Did u use any trainings and opposition instructions? 

Honestly, I don't recall Pulsar and Prutton suggested using any OIs or specific training in their threads..

Personally I don't use any OIs.

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Hello, I'm playing FM Touch and I wanted to know how you do it for your team rotation? Because if we change too much the links are not created between the players but otherwise they are very tired at a time?

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