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3rd Transfer bid for one of my newgens. 1st bid - $180M. 2nd bid - $200M. 

Hertha refuse to take "No" for an answer.


His agreed playing time is Regular starter but actual playing time is Important player. I've given him no reason to want to leave but he's willing to go since he's their top target. 

I don't recall getting an offer this high for a newgen. 

I don't have a question. That's it. That's the post. 




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2 hours ago, lex311085 said:

what is it with Hertha Berlin in this game? they seem quite rich and go for the best players who seem to be very willing to go there. Are they this rich in real life?

They’ve been given almost 300m since 2019 from an investor, still 100m left to be given in the next years. Tho they are struggling to hold the league irl 😂

i doubt tho any German club will be able to spent neymar level transfer fees in the next 10 years. FM Is completely off on this. 

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