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Okay this has been doing my head in so I’ve come to the forums to ask for help. 

In prior FMs I let my staff handle the assignments and as such got inundated with reports for players that didn’t really fit what I was after. This was the case in FM21 so I decided to take the plunge and set my own assignments up. 

I started a new save in the German 3rd Division and set up some simple assignments during the pre season. My scouts are limited so both were set up to scout Germany ongoing to get the ball rolling. 

One month later and they have recommended... 3 players. I must be doing something wrong here? When I let my chief scout set the assignments I would get 10-20 recommendations a week! 

I’m in desperate need of players and my scouts are my only real eyes to find gems. Have I missed something crucial? 


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Check the Player Search/Scouted tab. You probably have some filters applied under your scouting preferences. By default I think it only shows players above 60 recommendation level under the Scouting Assignments' reports, but here (Scouted tab) you see all the players your scouts/club watched. Your scout might not recommend a player in the report as he considers them only 55 level while in reality he might be the best player for your squad. Alternatively you might have added a filter to your your scouting assignment like "Squad player/Hot prospect" or "4.5 star potential" something which limits the results itself - as if the scout has little knowledge of the country (which is probably not the case as I reckon you only have 2 German scouts to scout Germany) they do not know immediately who is 4.5* potential.

If you are looking to find gems - that you can afford in the 3rd tier - I would recommend only setting up filters as age maxium 18-19 players with good natural fitness, work rate and determination (10+) so they will develop their other areas naturally.

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