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Work Permit problems for players recently released by UK teams

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Hi SI Games,

I'm having a problem where I'm trying to sign foreign players using the search filter "Work Permit Chance" - 'N/A' or "Work Permit Required" - 'No', but after agreeing a contract with them a work permit is required (and usually rejected). There is also no indication on the 'approach to sign' screen that there would be a work permit issue, as there usually would be. This seems to be a problem exclusively for players who were recently released by UK teams, so presumably had a work permit on their previous contract. I've found this to be a problem for the following players:


Baba Fernandes - just released by (Nottm Forest)

Łukasz Bejger - (Man U)

Alpha Dionkou - (Man City)


I have uploaded a save with the following filename:

Test Save - Dulwich Hamlet - WP problems






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  • SI Staff

Hi @Viceroy

Thanks for raising the issue and taking the time to upload your save game. I think there is an issue here with players incorrectly being returned on this filter and have passed it on for our dev team to investigate.

Cheers again and hope you're enjoying the game.


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Hi @Julius Flusfeder

Thanks so much for looking into this and passing it onto the dev team, it's much appreciated.

I certainly am enjoying the game! Only problem is at the moment I can't continue the game as it crashes as I'm about to enter a match, but I've seen this is a known issue. Fingers crossed that one gets sorted quickly!

Many thanks,


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