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After the international break, when you are asked by the media how the break has affected your chances, the first answer (far left, Positive) says:

"It has allowed my staff and I more time to work on tactics..." or something in that ball park.

The typo is the use of "I" instead of "me". It is a hyper-correction because people are so often told to say "X and I did such and such" instead of "Me and X did such and such" but it is only "I" when it is the subject of the verb, otherwise it should be "me" because it is the object (or indirect object).

Easiest way to check the right form is to take out the other person, "It has allowed I more time..." and you can see straight away that it is wrong. It should be "It has allowed my staff and me more time..."


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Hey JP - didn't expect to learn something new about grammar from the forums but looks like I just have :D

I can pass this over to the relevant team, I just need a save game ideally prior to that message generating (if you just give me a rough date of when it happened) so that I'm able to test it in real time. 

If you don't have one just let me know anyway and I'll look into testing it from scratch on my end. :)


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