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Potential Bug With Player Rejecting Move for Pref

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Problem I have found is that my player always rejects teams (good reputation, good league) - i put him on transfer list, not needed, he gets bigger salary, higher rep team than current - so no problem there - if another one is present in wanted list with higher reputation even if they don't bid, or just bid very low value.  I was just wondering if anyone else has this problem or maybe is something that appears on my custom database save only?

I play with Carl Zeiss Jena (Germany 4th tier).. now in Bundesliga with good rep but can't sell players if for example i have 3 bids - 30 mil E from Atalanta, 28 mil E from Aston Villa and no bid just minor interest from Milan they just don't want to accept the contract offer from other clubs than Milan even if they never bid for the player + i try to convince them and they just don't want to listen? who in the right mind don't want to play as a starter for a top 4 Premier League paying him 10 times the amount i pay him? It's really frustrating me as i have invested so much time in this save (6 season currently) and I just want to continue playing..







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