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Lighter skin for FM 21

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I already posted this in the Skinning hideout forum, but didn`t really get any answers so i`m posting it here in the general forum in the hope that more people read it:

I am probably missing something very basic, but it can`t be right that FM21 only comes with a dark skin? I have played the game lately but i am struggling with headaches after a short amount of time. I guess the white fonts over a dark background is not ideal for people like me...

I have downloaded a light skin, but found that to be way to bright and difficult to see different thing like green ratings over 7

What i am looking for is just a very basic skin without anything new or fancy. Just the basic FM21 skin but only a bit brighter to see if that is easier on the eye.
I have no experience in modifying skins and would like to avoid doing that unless there is a really simple way to decrease the darkness of the original skin.

So if anyone can point me in the right direction i would greatly appreciate it :)

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This is really a question for the skinning users and you are still getting replies in that forum.  There are many skins around and the only person that can tell if it is right for you is you, so try the options available and see for your self.  I personally use the Tang Fu skin and find it informative but it may be not light enough for you.

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