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Loaning a striker from Liverpool. Played him exclusively as a complete forward (attack) for 2 years straight. Suddenly I'm getting random emails saying "he's no longer concerned about my tactics". Now the loaning manager (Klopp) is mad that I'm playing him out of role despite the loan agreement being that he play as a striker. 


One contributing factor may be that my coaches thought him unsuitable as a complete forward until I played him there a bunch and now he's rated 4 stars there? 

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Hey Hardy, apologies for the delay in response. Would you happen to have a save game prior to some of these messages generating? We'll need to replicate the issue in real time in order to get the issue logged. If nothing else, I can at least have a look at the coach reports.


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Ahh thanks for spotting that Birkelse. You're correct to say it's under investigation and a known issue, I just hadn't seen or dealt with it previously - my mistake!

I'll update the tags on this thread accordingly.

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