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Not quick tips, but it is connecting to this area - scouting.

When scouting a player it will not matter how much the assigned scout is familiar with the nation of the player (just your club's overall knowledge about that nation + your scouting package). So example when scouting a Ligue 2/French player you will have the same knowledge % increase after 1-2 watched matches with a French scout or with a German scout (who has zero knowledge of France). So there is no point organizing your individual player search assignments to your scout's nationalities/knowledge.

Also 1 scout can have 3 players individually scouted at the same time (others will be on hold) and simultaneously he will be doing the scout assigment /area-league-nation scouting/ as well - so no point of "leaving a main scout unassigned" to any region/area to have him scout your transfer targets faster, just leave his individual player assignments unassigned. This means that at maximum you can scout 15 players with 5 scouts in a week (shortest period). Good to know to plan for a transfer window.  

Additionally if you put the scouting for "two matches" intstead of two weeks and the player does not play in the upcoming matches /e.g. injured or just being a reserve/ the whole individual scouting assigments below them will be delayed/on hold until the player "in progress" is playing another match. So having a scout assigned to watch a reserve/backup player for "match" while he is actually not playing will bottleneck a whole scouting process if the does not play. It would be way more understandable if the scout would just start watching another player in his/her priority list in this case and put this one on hold, but it doesn't. So I would always put weeks instead of matches as even if the player does not play in games you might get a small knowledge % increase that way - and the scout will jump to the next player after X weeks -  but with watch "matches" the scout will not progress to the next target - only if the current "in progress" player plays in a game. 

I have not found any info/not tested the "area connection" with regards to individual player assignment and general scouting. So if a scout who is staying in Argentina to scout the nation also is assigned to have to scout a player in Poland within the same week. I think the game does not factor in the "distance" so both the player will be scouted/his match watched/ and also he will watch games in Argentina. But take this one with a pinch of salt as I have no case tested. But thinking about how the scouts are being assigned randomly to the individual player scouting it probably has a higher priority than the area/general assignment - so it might have a small backlash on the Argentine weekend games watched in my example, but not with the specific player in Poland.   

At least this is what I was experiencing with my test scenarios. As there was zero information about this so far in the forums (or at least I was unable to find it specifically and whenever I asked it it received no replies) and I think it is a misconception we have - that e.g. a Czech scout will scout a CZ player faster and not assigning a scout to an area makes him scout individuals faster -  I though I will post this finding so it could help somebody in the future when planning their scouting strategy.

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13 hours ago, thiagoanjo said:

There is any way to access all the Hints and Tips content ?

You can access them by editing a copy of the example.ltf file. I've extracted them in previous versions by searching for "hints and tips" using a text editor ... I used notepad++

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Posted (edited)
5 horas atrás, Hovis Dexter disse:

You can access them by editing a copy of the example.ltf file. I've extracted them in previous versions by searching for "hints and tips" using a text editor ... I used notepad++

Got it, thanks!

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