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How to change stadium name?

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After getting Maidstone promoted to the Premier League, the club decided to build a new stadium. I was very excited, until I found out it would be called the 'Bill Williams Stadium'. I have no idea who Bill Williams is, and would like to name the stadium more befittting of the manager that has taken the club from the Vanarama South to the Premier League. Our first season in the new stadium will feature Champions League football!

I have followed the various instructions online but I can't seem to get the stadium name to change. Can anyone direct me to which folder I should put the .lnc file into, and whether I have the contents correct? The stadium ID is 2000066574

Stadium ID



DB folders




LNC file location - I have tried this in each of the DB folders




File contents of Stadium_name.lnc

“STADIUM_NAME_CHANGE” 2000066574 “new stadium name” “”


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I have found the correct folder for editing things, apparently it has to be the save that the game was started in, not the current version, however the string

“STADIUM_NAME_CHANGE” 2000066574 “New maidstone stadium name” “english”

just will not take :-(

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For anyone interested in the future, I fixed it. I had to use tab to seperate the values, and the quotation marks were somehow in the wrong font. Once I changed the quotes from to " it worked. I think because it is an lnc file, not plain text, it lets your store italic fonts.

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