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In December, 2023, I transfer-list a player and he is sold. I then get asked in a subsequent press conference about not being able to sign a replacement until the next window.

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Summary: After selling a player in December, 2023, I transfer-list and sell a player named Hereda. I then get asked about not being able to sign a replacement until the next window.

Description of Issue:

This might not really be a bug, but it seems like odd behaviour to me. I transfer-list and sell one of my right backs. In a subsequent press conference, I get a question, "With Hereda gone, you have to wait until the next transfer window before replacing him. Is that fair?" This seems odd to me because the window is just about to open anyways. Even if it is considered an issue, it would be pretty minor. My personal intent is that I am happy to not have to replace him as I am getting a young starlet on a Bosman and I already have two defenders playing as a right back.

Potentially noteworthy that the transfer window opens on 6 January 2024.

Steps to Reproduce: Transfer-list a player in December and then take the next press conference.

Files Uploaded to the OwnCloudparis_hereda_sold_question.fm


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Hey @el canadiano

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Completely agree, if within close proximity to the transfer window the question shouldn't be asked. 

I'll test the save and log the bug if I can get it to reproduce - cheers!


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