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Tottenham Finances have worsened since last update

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Is there any reason why Totteham's finances have deteriorated in the last update? Im playing FM21 Touch.

If you look at the rich league, we should be about 8th in terms of revenue. Yet in the game we have been pushed down to about 12th and about 100m million per year worse off?

Why is this?


It has been proven in the last accounts that we have 165m in sponsorship per year, yet FM21 only shows about 98m per year in sponsors. Its as though the developers dont want Spurs to have too much money?


We should have similar income levels to Chelsea of around £460m per season outside of the pandemic. Please can you fix this asap?

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You'll have to argue your case in here:

Just remember, if you think the researcher is wrong, you need to back up your claim with evidence.

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