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Welcome to the Challenges, Sign Ups and Experiments forum

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Welcome to the Challenges, Sign Ups and Experiments forum

This is a forum dedicated to certain specific play styles. Currently there are three major types of threads in here:

Challenges – Where people play FM with a particular aim and to a specific set of rules.
Sign Ups – Where people 'sign up' to become part of an interactive FM story or experiment.
Experiments – Where people test out how the game handles certain situations and report on their findings.

There are no specific rules for how to set up either type of thread, but here are some hints and tips for setting up a thread:


Starting a Challenge

  • Make it original. Original ideas are going to get more people taking part.
  • The opening post is the most important one: include in it every rule of the challenge, and how often you expect people to update their progress
  • Tell people what you expect in terms of screenshots, be it the league table or the initial profile. Provide them with examples in your opening post.
  • Take part yourself: it doesn’t create a very good impression if you create a challenge and then don’t take part.
  • Be willing to draw the line on any question about the rules. If someone asks you whether something is acceptable under the rules, be prepared to answer them.
  • Telling people how to post a screenshot is also a useful addition for an opening post.
  • Play a test game for a few seasons to anticipate any problems that might arise with the challenge

Taking Part in a Challenge

  • Provide all necessary information, such as the screenshots the challenge starter asked for
  • Encourage other users, it does wonders to their confidence
  • Do not cheat or do something that is specified as being against the rules of the challenge. It discredits the challenge and its starter
  • If you have any questions about what is and what isn’t acceptable in the challenge, ask.

Sign Ups:

Starting a Sign-up

  • Consider the amount of time it will take to run the sign-up. Don't create half a dozen sign-ups and expect to be able to run them all at once.
  • Make it original. Original ideas are going to get more people taking part.
  • Make sure you tell people in your opening post what details you want them to include when signing up. It helps to know the basic attributes and their effects such as CA and PA.
  • Set a public schedule and stick to it. Tell people if you are going away and unable to continue the sign-up during that time.
  • Play a test game to see any problems that could arise.
  • If you require those who sign up to email you, make sure they know how to do so.
  • Be consistent in your style of update. It helps to provide as much information as possible/necessary to help the sign-up thrive.
  • If you intend to abandon the sign-up for whatever reason, tell those who are taking part. Don't leave them in the dark and let the thread die.

Taking Part in a Sign-up

  • Post regularly. Tell the sign-up starter if you are going to be away so that they understand why you aren’t posting.
  • Provide all information that the starter asks you for in the initial sign-up form
  • Be appreciative. If the sign-up isn’t very high quality offer suggestions for improvement rather than discrediting the user’s hard work. You may want to private message the starter to offer some advice.
  • The author has the decision on the rules of the sign-up and who they will let sign up. They have the right to reject any user a place in the sign-up and that decision is final.


Starting an experiment

  • Try to have a thought out idea of what you are trying to achieve.
  • Be prepared to have your experiment challenged by others and be respectful of anyone disagreeing.
  • Offer information when other ask for details, such as screenshots or clarifications.
  • Be prepared to upload the save for others (or SI) to download and see the data themselves. So don't include personal data if that is something you do not want to share.
  • When you end it, either naturally or because you lose interest, tell those who have read it. Don't just go radio silent and let people wait for an update that never comes.

Being involved with an experiment

  • Ask questions if you have ideas or thoughts regarding the experiment.
  • Offer suggestions to enhance the experiment.
  • If you like it, let the creator know, it helps them to keep going forward with it.

Here's a few of the most popular threads that you may want to take a look at in this forum:


The Youth Academy Challenge by darren1983 - Similar to dafuges challenge for all countries, but without any transfers or loans and only use youth intakes.


Dafuges Challenge by dafuge (hosted by DazRTaylor) - Win the Premier League and the Champions League after taking over a previously unplayable team in the bottom tier of England.
The ultimate Football Manager Challenge by vikeologist - Win 32 competitions starting with no qualifications and Sunday League experience
The Youth Academy Challenge by darren1983 - Similar to dafuges challenge for all countries, but without any transfers or loans and only use youth intakes.

And finally, if there's anything unclear, or if you have some questions, just send me a message and I'll try to help out.

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