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[Suggestion] The ability to establish Football Schools/Youth Academies worldwide.


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It would be an awesome feature to be able to establish Football Schools/Youth Academies around the world to really maximize the scouting of future talent. For example Paris Saint Germain in real life has football schools/youth academies in:  Brazil, Canada, the United States, Morocco, Qatar, Thailand and many other countries. Essentially a feature like this would require the hiring of more staff in game, it would be cool to hand pick staff members based in the countries where you establish a school. I think this would add a lot more depth to the "Development Center" and ultimately increase your scouting pool of players. 

Another additional feature would be the option to start out as the youth coach for one of these academies, you manage and help develop talent for the parent club and at the same time you make a name for yourself to hopefully get appointed to a proper managerial position at a bigger club.

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